Long term review of the Weebill LAB, using the Fujifilm X-T3.

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Brandon Li review:

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31 thoughts on “ZHIYUN WEEBILL LAB REVIEW – Long term use with Fujifilm X-T3

  1. Great review. I have a Fuji X-T30 and use a lightweight stabilized XC kit lens and light f2 primes. Do you think the Weebill would be smoother with a lighter setup like that? Most of the combos are under 540 grams. I am trying to decide between this and the new Crane M2. Both seem like they would be easier to travel with than the larger gimbals.

  2. I'm also using the X-T3 and am currently looking for a gimbal. The Weebill Lab was my obvious choice based on Brandon Li's review simply because the Moza app seems to be utterly terrible. However, after seeing your review and conclusion that the Weebill is only really useful for cameras with IBIS or at least lenses with stabilization I'm curious whether you have any knowledge in regard to the Ronin SC or, if you will be able to provide any insight once the Aircross 2 hits the market presumably later this month. I would've liked the Weebill to work out for the X-T3 but given the amount of manual, non stabilized lenses I love to shoot with it sadly doesn't seem to be an option.

  3. Great review my experience is not so good weebill lasted three weeks then roll axis lock stopped working returned it bought ronin

  4. Thank you for the review, very informative and honest! For me it is a real bummer, the raw footage with non-stabilized lenses is kind of bad for the European price of the gimbal. Im looking for quick replacement for my Feiyu A1000 which I had for previous compact camera. I have XT3 with the OIS kit, but I want to buy some primes. Do you have any suggestions? I travel a lot, so Ronin is out of the game, I guess…maybe Feiyu AK4500.
    Thank you and props from Czech!

  5. Thanks for the full F mode trick! It is not in the manual?! I looked. did I miss it? it should be easier to access the mode. I figure out full F mode via the app but switches back to PF mode after a mode change. I was thinking of using duck tape for full F mode. without have to hold the trigger button 😛

  6. Thank you for a very nice and informative review. If not considering size and weight, what do you think is the best gimbal for X-T3?

  7. Very nice review indeed. And they are many. Must say i stay confused however. Does the form factor outweighs the downside on the stabilization or are we better off using a heavier gimbal even if less convenient ? I am not a pro, will use on the move and have the xt3 with stabilized 18-55 kit

  8. Very honest review, this seems to be my experience with it so far as well it’s very handy and portable but for smooth footage i definitely need to use stabilised lenses, sucks that there isn’t any valid alternatives as I just bought a Sony a6400 and was hoping to use this with the non stabilised sigma lenses. Guess I still can but I’ll have to be slow and careful and may need to stabilise some footage in post. I do love the trigger on the back for the follow mode though, very intuitive

  9. Great review, quality presentation. Regardless, I'm picking one up tomorrow to use with the Sony A6400, The portability and the fact that it can also handle small cameras such as the RX100 makes it an obvious choice for me.

  10. Interesting review, though if the stabilizing is mediocre it seems like a pointless gadget. I can get acceptable stabilization just from holding the camera via tripod, and good stabilization with an unpowered gimbal.

  11. Love the size and locks. I have crane v2 now but want something better for travel. Considering ronin s as I hear it outperforms all else. Not a fan of cranes app. Very non user friendly.

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