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The camel pose is a beautiful and effective yoga pose that bends the back and has a very strong and deep physical and mental effect.

However, the camel pose can be difficult for many people, especially for adults and especially the elderly. Moreover, in fact, there have been quite a few cases due to subjectivity, inattention, having many unfortunate accidents have damaged the spine during the practice of this posture, including many young people.

Therefore, to practice the camel pose really safe and more effective in terms of health improvement, the practitioner must pay special attention, carefully follow the detailed instructions in the content of this video.

In addition, you should also refer to the content of the article on camel pose in the VIKUDO website.

Van-Kien DOAN
Docteur en Physio-Pathologie

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  1. Some one teach that we have to put the entire body weight on the hands. Also they don't really pay attention to breathing like you. Thank you so much, Master. Hop you release more videos for us to learn !

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