The Xiaomi Mi 9T just got announced; the global version of the Redmi K20. So, is it really the “Flagship Killer” they say it is? -Let’s find out!

The Redmi K20 and K20 Pro have been dominating the internet lately, but Xiaomi yesterday announced the global version of the K20 and that is this Mi 9-T.

The Xiaomi Mi 9t comes with a Snapdragon 730, which is slightly higher performing than the Mi 9SE we have also recently looked at. -However, the main difference between the looks of the Mi9’s is the popup selfie camera, and that results in a notch-less design; similar to the Mi Mix series. -And that is great!

Also new is the holographic, and very trippy looking, back of the phone which does look pretty cool.

On that back, you’ll also find a 3-camera setup with a 48 MP wide-angle main camera, an ultra wide angle lens and a 2x optical zoom lens. They are using slightly different processors and glass than you’d find on the flagship Mi 9 but it’s photos are really quite good. Obviously, it’s not going to stack up against the Mi9, which still dominates here, but it’s surely good enough; especially considering the lower price tag on the Mi 9T.

The Mi9 T has some other VERY welcome improvements in the battery-field as it comes with a 4000 mAh battery, compared to the 3300 mAh battery of the Mi 9. So that’s a pretty big step up!

In terms of charging its specs are a bit lower than the Mi 9 as it supports 18W QC (27W on the Mi 9) and it does not offer Qi Wireless charging. But, again, these are some compromises that make this phone more affordable.

In terms of daily use this phone feels very similar to the Mi 9 and the Mi 9 SE. All of these phones run MIUI 10, making them look and feel very similar in day-to-day use. – With very heavy gaming or perhaps some photo editing on the go, the Mi 9 will surely outperform the Mi 9T, because of the higher end processor in the Mi 9. But for daily use, this is a very decent phone for a great price!

I am once again quite impressed with Xiaomi’s phones, even though they are really releasing quite a lot of them these days!


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22 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi 9T (Redmi K20 global version) Is it the “Flagship killer”?? – Full review [Xiaomify]

  1. Yes! The Mi 9t! -I've finally got to look at it! What do you guys think?
    I'm trying to do SO many more videos in the weeks to come, some really cool smart home stuff and a few very exciting other videos planned as well…. First ones coming up are the Mi band 4, and some other ones you might look forward to! -Stay tuned! ❤

  2. The only reason it can even come close to flagship is because you pay what xiaomi paid for the hardware and they make little to no profit, Samsung,LG,Moto, etc will never do this.

  3. at 2:08 I couldn't concentrate on listening anymore. but you need more samples of the phone's camera. need more pics of Susanna just to make sure the quality of the camera is good. 🧐

  4. Dear mother of God! Who would look any phone besides this beauty?! About what phone you are talking about?! I don't see any phone here!

  5. That girl has a potential of being a good model, why dont you encourage her to be a model, she is so beautiful and perfect for modeling.

  6. I like the review very clean and got a nice flow in it, but i hate the girl. There no need for fan service here. All i care is the phone

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