Director: Teddy Yip
Cast: Leung Ka-Yan, Eddie Ko, Huang Yi Lung, Yuet Sang Chin

Ah Chi (Ka-Yan Leung) is obsessed with the martial arts, and more often than not, his kung-fu clowning gets him into trouble. Ending up facing Hsia (Eddie Ko) of the notorious Jade Brotherhood is inevitable. As a result, Hsia forces Chi’s martial arts master to expel him. Master less and working for a fish vendor, Chi meets a crafty kid (Wong Yat Lung), who’s Uncle Chow Tung (Yuet Sang Chin) is a master of the insane Mantis style. The Jade Brotherhood aims for control of the small town, but Chi is training with a new Master and will not accept bullies in the neighborhood.

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47 thoughts on “Wu Tang Collection – Thundering Mantis (WIDESCREEN)

  1. Beardy was absolutely amazing. For someone who had no formal training in martial arts, he made his fights look incredibly awesome!

  2. Love this movie; the end fight when Liang Chia Ren turns into a cannibalistic Mantis killer is awesome; those guys didn't stand a chance of survival 🙂

  3. I think everybody needs to watch this movie especially if you are a fan of kunfu movies.This is my second time of watching this movie in a month

  4. Many many comments about the ending and "Beardy". Tidbits to description: "Yang Ho Wai" (Fang Mien) is Ah Chi's teacher. "Ah Gig" is the boy. Medicine man is (Suen Lam). "Cho Sheng Tong" (Yuet) is the kids teacher. "Hsai Sho Chang" ( Eddie Ko) does the Eagle Fist while Ah Chi does Iron Hand, Shrimp Fist & Mantis Fist. According to the commenters this is Leung Kar Yan's most radical & maniac style he has ever done. Looks like it !

  5. I think all the cast here is already too old now or probably died for old ages but they left us this movie. A very awesome movie and I thank you for that to all the cast may they rest in peace

  6. This movie left me in awe when I saw it as a teen at the movies. My gosh I can't believe you have this I looked for this for years. I thank you from every fiber of my being. Classic mantis with the sweetest revenge.. gold.

  7. Ok this was the most Savage Kung Fu movie I have ever freaking seen. Like I don't think there's a better movie in existence. I am so going to find this movie and by this shhh

  8. The Thunering Mantis is one Thundering Kung fu movie
    Starring the legendary Leung Kar Yan 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  9. Wow i haven't seen this in years , i think it may have been 1996 or so chilling out with uncle Bully . Classic 💪🏽

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