After having served a 12 year sentence for murder, Fonda Chao Director: Yang Chia-Yun

Cast: Alan Tam , Lu Hsiao-Fen , Chang Fu-Mei , Lin Tsai-Pei

(Luk Siu-Fan) is offered the position as assistant editor at a newspaper. Eye brows are definitely raised, both in the male stuff (primarily Alan Tam’s Simon) but also the jealous, female staff that immediately develop hatred towards Fonda. Some more than others. Some even possessing hatred with a mortal twist and Fonda’s rehabilitation starts going backwards as she’s terrorized…

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24 thoughts on “Wu Tang Collection – Breakout from Oppression (1985)

  1. Interesting movie I've just watched here it was just like they did an opposite way off from "Friday The 13th" of a teen girl cut off Mrs. Voorhees' head just like this woman did to a psycho girl😮.

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