Should you consider upgrading your first-gen AirPods with Apple’s $80 standalone Wireless Charging Case for AirPods? Full review:
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32 thoughts on “Wireless Charging Case for AirPods review – $80 for….?!

  1. Full review with additional tidbits of information can be read here:

  2. Or you could get the wireless charging case for your 2nd gen that came with wired charging case. I’m thinking about that

  3. Well actually…I have the AirPods 2 but without wireless charging case because I didn't have a wireless charger. Now everyone thinks I have AirPods 1 so if I get this they'll believe me and I think the wireless charging case looks WAY cooler and better.

  4. i lost my airpod case, and i cant find any used airpod charging cases for sale on different websites.. should i buy these? i need a charcging case

  5. I wouldn’t buy this because in my opinion all third party wireless chargers suck. I bought a wireless charger for my iPhone X and it’s terrible 💀. I use it overnight only because it takes forever to charge. If I forget to charge my phone in the night, I use the lighting cable lol. This is a waste of 80 bucks. (If apple supplied the charger then it would be a different story. I think of it like them giving you a new phone without a charger lol.)

  6. I think this would be good if you got out your AirPods put them in your ears and go to put the case back in your pocket and you just miss

  7. Every time you mention the Nomad charger that charges multiple devices you show the Morphie one that does only one. Nomad is not the only one that does multiple devices. There are at least two from Samsung (which work great for these and the Apple Watch) and numerous other brands. The main people who buy this will be those that 1. Want Wireless charging for their original AirPods and 2.can’t afford the new AirPods. 3. If you somehow lost the case but not the AirPods themselves. Anyone else should just upgrade UNLESS their AirPods 1st Gen are less than a year old. Both the AirPods and their case lose capacity over time. My first pair of first gen AprPods only get about 3 hours of battery life not he left ear and the case does not seen to have the promised 24hrs worth of charges anymore.

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