Why I LOVE the Fujifilm GFX 50R (With sample images)

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Thanks to Fujifilm Canada, I was able to shoot the medium format GFX50R and I am really impressed by it. Here’s my take on why you will love this camera so much… if you can afford it 😉

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My NEW stills camera:
My go-to smaller travel camera:
My favourite retro case for the smaller camera:

My favourite street photography lens:
My favourite zoom lens:
My favourite portrait lens:
50-140mm F2.8 R O.I.S WR:
16mm F1.4 R WR:
23 F2 R WR:
10-24mm F4 R OIS:

My main video camera:
Vlogging mic #1:
The GoPro I use:
The perfect GorillaPod tripod:


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  1. salistyan simanungkalit

    Iam in love with rangefinder style camera, when it going to medium format. I'll going to buy next years🤤🤤🤤

  2. Will_You_Are

    Hey Fred, thanks for great video. I am now subbed and hope to see more stuff from you since you make sense and are you are very watchable. I noticed in your video description this line 'THE GEAR I USE 👇🏻 My NEW stills camera' refering to your X-T3. What happened to X-H1? I am itching to buy Fuji but I have the feeling X-H2 will be released soon after and in theory would be my perfect camera – even if they just placed X-T3 into X-H1 body. Damn, waiting is hard…

  3. B. Johnson

    I'm sure the Fujifilm "Soul" looks beautiful, but can't this be just as beautiful with f.i. a Nikon D810 with CC2019 or Capture One 12 and additional add-ons?

  4. Annono Mowz

    Sadly I could never afford one of these in my wildest dreams. I've got to say though the fuji medium format files I've looked at are amazing for the colour rendition. I don't know if that's the sensor or the lenses or a combination of the two. I do know however I have said prayers for one to fall off the back of a lorry along with a 45mm. 😉

  5. Shouvik Bandyopadhyay

    Hi Fred. Do you know if there's going to be a firmware update in Fuji xt3 where we can shoot Prores raw with atomos ninja v?

  6. m j

    Great review. I like the camera but I keep hitting the Q Button and the one above that. Any tip on shutting off the one above the Q?

  7. Tomislav Miletić

    For studio use, you can attach external monitor to this camera and tilt it to your liking. I know it's cumbersome, but it works for studio for sure…
    And regarding the grip – already there's additional grips and L- brackets from third party manufacturers on the market; that should solve that problem.

  8. Fred Ranger

    there are some weird skipped frames on this upload 🙁 does anyone know what could that be? my original export is clean…


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