Samsung has released 3 versions of the Galaxy S10 and there is one that is perfect for you! While each phone is very capable there are a few differences between the S10e, S10 & S10+ that will make one more fitting than the other. Which once did you choose?

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39 thoughts on “Which Samsung Galaxy S10 is Right For You? S10e vs S10 vs S10+

  1. 750 bucks for the s10e?!!

    Luckily it is 484 bucks for me. I get a studentcut, because I go to uni. Same with the S10 and s10+. Might get the s10e, because I like the deal. Wanted the one plus 7t (600 bucks here) so I mean, for 484 it is pretty much a steal to get the s10e, right?

    S10 is 616 here (student cut)

  2. The s10e looks like the almost perfect phone for me. Only one thing I would want is to get rid of the glass back.

    I have an s9+ which I find too large and heavy. I also very much dislike the curved display.

    I only use wired earpods so I greatly appreciate the headphone jack.

  3. Im ordering the s10e, i LOVE the cheaper price and im not a fan of the in screen thumb print scanner. Well see how i like the tiny size !

  4. Thought I would like the curved edge, got an s7 edge and cracked it 6 months in to my contract. Think I'll pass on the curved edge. It also makes it hard to maneuver without disturbing what's happening on the phone. And I never used the scrolling notifications on the edge. Tried it. Turned it off after only a couple of days using the phone and haven't looked back.

  5. "only" $750 for the phone, he says?
    I bought this car in 1976 for $700 .. eat your heart out Millennially Retarded kids

  6. phones are SOOOOO important

    pictures of myself taken by ME are SOOOOOO important

    I am SOOOOOO important .. signed, an Anti-American Millennially Retarded kid

  7. i am watching this on an s6 and everything is fine except i need to replace the battery for $5 or $12 for the battery with took kit.

  8. Just ordered the s10e in the end, due to comparable size to my s8, never found the curved screen that useful and can live without the extra cameras and in screen finger print scanner.

    Great review by the way!

  9. Nov 2019 and I’m upgrading from a Samsung Galaxy 6 to the S10. Hopefully I will see a big difference in both performance and with the camera etc.

  10. if gorrila glass was any good there wouldnt be 6 versions of it , and it wouldnt brake so easily , i had the god damn thing brake 2h after i had it replaced , one drop from 50cm gone and i watched how they test them dropping them all day nothng , while 3 phones in my family all broken and no one tried , if that isnt a marketing brainwashing example i dont know what it , gorilla marketing

  11. Watching on my S10e, its perfect for me…I like small phones, I hate curved displays, I don't need the telephoto, I don't mind the small battery since it has fast charging. And who nowadays doesn't bring a power bank with them?

  12. I have the s7 edge,,the edge of the screen isn't even bad and when I drop my phone it doesn't instantly crack/shatter.I really want the s10+ for Christmas though because I personally like bigger phones and it just sounds so amazing!

  13. Looking to (finally) upgrade from my Note 4. Pretty sure I don't want the Note 10, never really used the pen with my 4. Trying to decide between S10 models.

  14. I broke down a finally bought me an iPhone….never never never again! iPhones are junk…I can be rough with my phone's…butter fingers. I have had LGs, Samsung's, generic cheap unbranded Android's that I must have dropped millions of times…the bodies might have been scratch up, but never have I cracked a screen. The first time I dropped my iPhone crack screen EVERYWHERE…with a screen protector. Not to mention I have a few favorite apps on my Android that were free…same app on iPhone…1.99, 2.99, 3.99. crazy. by by iPhone. Never again.

  15. I really liked this video. It was very helpful. I liked that you showed all three of them side-by-side. The video was easy to understand because you were methodical, you explained everything you talked about thoroughly, and you showed us each feature you talked about. Thank you for this video.

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