Welcome back to another video battlers! In this one, we’re going to review my losses at the huge Richmond, Virginia ferocious tournament this past weekend. Drop a like, comment and hit that subscribe button for more Pokemon GO PvP videos like these! I really appreciate it!

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16 thoughts on “What NOT To Do In a 149-Person Ferocious Cup Tournament! – Pokemon GO PvP

  1. Really tough matches… thanks for sharing though, always good to try to learn from the mistakes, of course!! I will say that I've had vastly different experience than you, in a few different areas you talked about… for one thing I win plenty of games where I lose the lead. And somewhat through the usual strat — for example, leading Arat, and having Skunk and Nidoqueen in the back. So if they lead a charmer, I can switch to Skunk, and still have Nido for the charmer later on. Another thing is I've found (for me, my team, and my style anyway) SHIELD advantage to be way more important than switch advantage. I've done really well in Fero (in tournaments and practice) and my main strat is — come out of the lead with shield advantage, pretty much no matter what. There are so many things with hard hitting neutral charged moves (example — Nidoqueen) that late-game if I have a shield and they don't — they are TOAST.

    Anyway that's just my experience and thanks for sharing yours man!! Don't worry, you got plenty of time to get Ace again 😉

  2. still watching but FYI Surf is more energy efficient than HF on Umb. So sure if you can get to one last HF, it's better — but overall you should go straight surf

  3. You were up against some TOUGH opponents. Even the people I haven't heard of were playing on another level. Good vid! I learned a lot. 😮👌

  4. Really really great recap. I do appreciate your commentary and feel like it will be very helpful!! Looking forward to seeing your wins in your next video!

  5. I don't know if you can call picking the wrong lead a mistake. You can't really tell what they're going to bring – you can only hedge your bets and make your best guess based on their 6. So days like this are going to happen. I did something similar in the Sinister Cup – went 3-4 but my 'mistakes' were blocking the baits and letting the hard charges through.

  6. I really like this format for a recap video. Always good to learn from your mistakes as it will help you improve! There will always be those tournaments where you don't perform your best

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