Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s multiplayer has been revealed, and in the past few days we have learned so much about the game. Be sure to leave a like if you enjoy and check out the links below!
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41 thoughts on “We Need To Talk About Call of Duty: Modern Warfare… (Honest Review & Impressions)

  1. HELLO NOTIFICATION SQUAD! At long last, the Modern Warfare Multiplayer video is here. Lots to discuss, lots to review, lots to speculate… hope you guys enjoy and remember to leave a like if you enjoy!

  2. Trying to lower the skill gap so more people can enjoy it which means more money. Bo4 I have a 4.10 kd but in this game i doubt i can get a 1.5. Die too fast but what hurts me is there is a mini map but it doesn't show you anything unless you get a uav. Game kinda sucks. Btw I've been playing since cod 4

  3. The main reason people do not like the removal of the mini map is the fact that they will not be able to run around with out thinking about what could be in front of them.

  4. Microtransactions ARE FINE if it's for cosmetics and customization only, it's to show support to the devs who worked hard for the game. Get mad when they make you pay for actual advantages i.e Guns, Armors, Attachments, Perks… Then you wreak havoc.

  5. Theres more than one reasin not to play hardcore game modes. Some people wouldnt mind the no mini map thing and instead don't play hardcore because of the lower health and even the friendly fire so that 95 percent statistic you pulled out of past cod games isnt quite applicable because of the many reasons and instances as to why this supposed 95 percent dont play hardcore. Oh also based on other game modes as well like i love playing hardpoint but theres never been a hardcore hardpoint

  6. "they need us a reason to play other than the gameplay" doesnt this just prove, the game isnt really that good? if the gameplay itself is not enough to keep me playing, then why should i even play the game in the first place? makes no sense to me.

  7. I want to see a system where i can buy a DLC gun outright because i like new guns because it’s fun and fresh but it’s to hard to get it. i would be willing to spend my money on a gun that i know i would be getting

  8. This is just a thought i had concerning microtransactions and weapons. I feel like they would do a better job making some weapons available to purchase on a modern warfare game due to the weapons being real life guns and people having actual intrest in the real verisons of these guns, where games previous COD games might come across problems getting people to invest money in a fantasy gun that doesnt really exist.

  9. I want to point out that hardcore mode has FAR more changes vs core than simply removing the minimap. You can't say that 90% of the community wants a minimap just because they play core.

  10. maps can be both for 20v20/50v50 as for 6v6.. like BF they just take the massive maps and put boundries around the center of the map… so you get just as many maps on big scale fights aswell as 6v6 combat

  11. I'm buying this game because of what it will be like at launch. The campaign, multiplayer, and spec ops all interest me as a fan of Battlefield 4 and CoD 4. The core gameplay of ReReMastered looks exactly how I always wanted a first person shooter to be like. Insane weapon customizations that change visual appearance, a more realistic flow of the game (faster time to kill), and just beautiful graphics be it artistic or realistic.

    Black Ops IIII built upon its predeccesor but in the worst possible ways. Specialists last 100x longer, which makes they 1000x more deadly and OP. Weapons become second class due to the OP specialists. The game is unbelievably arcady and just an overall joke of a game. I've uninstalled and have went back to Black Ops III where the game is much more balanced between weapons, killstreaks, and specialists (minus the R.A.P.S., f*ck them). Even the loot box system is still, in my opinion, better than 4. You at least have a chance to unlock dlc weapons through loot boxes compared to a next to nil chance.

  12. I think the operators are fine and you can make endless designs. Thats a fair microtransaction. If weapons are released though, that could kill the game.

  13. “The core skill is reading the minimap.”

    All the minimap does it show a red dot where someone shoots, requires skill to read a dot

    CoD gamers 2019

  14. Hard-core is more realistic. In real combat if you get hit in the foot by a bullet you are out. In core you can shoot somebody in the face 20 times and they don’t die, that’s not realistic.

  15. It was actually false information that iw is focusing on traditional multiplayer looking at TGR Twitter and the gameinformer interview it is very obvious that they are hinting at a br mode

  16. I would of loved it if they kept the three developers and they designed the games to have a three year life cycle where black ops fans have there games modern warfare style games for more tactical players and a exo movement game cause ik a lot of people who enjoy the style of game

  17. I don't think "95%" don't like hardcore because of the lack of mini-map, I think it is because it is so easy to die. I have really learn how to use and read the mini-map, but I can also survive fine without it. Either way, I am good. Change(s) should be interesting.

  18. MW2, and the company will sky rocket in sales.

    Its very simple, which game soled out the most, make a remake out of it or a similar game PERIOD.

  19. The entire argument about Core vs Hardcore popularity is flawed. It immediately implies that the radar is the only contributing factor to choosing either mode, while it likely has more to do with TTK difference and other missing HUD elements, like the ammo counter.

  20. Yea if they pull the same BS as BO4 I’m not going to play cod anymore. Already just about had it with many other flaws but at least I didn’t feel like I had no access to new, better, and game changing weapons.

  21. CoD Fans: Man, CoD needs radical change… it's the same game every year re-skinned!
    CoD: Changes
    CoD Fans: CoD can't change! It's CoD!

  22. Ok, this one looks promising. I just hope, hope so hard, that they don't make the mistake to not include an accessible map. WWII HC Tdm was nearly unplayable to me due to hearing footsteps and gunshot all around and no map to check who it is that is running besides, under or above you…

  23. 3500hrs if not more on D1 and getting up to the same on D2 , 40 plus days on ww2 and prestige (legit) master in many cods and never bought a dam thing in any games as in supply drops / packages etc.

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