The Pentax 55mm f1.8 manual lens can be adapted to many cameras such as this Fuji XT3 and will produce amazing images once you get familiar with how to use it. This lens produces amazing results for literally 30$… This is a true sleeper of a lens.

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9 thoughts on “VINTAGE PENTAX ASAHI 55mm f1.8 LENS REVIEW

  1. I have the lens. It does have some small amount of radiation. This lens does have a cult following. IQ is insane. Compares to my Leica Summicron.

  2. What??? Replace that beautiful Minolta? I think you're suffering from the heat, fella.

    I've got a Yashica 50 that is SUPER sharpe, has warm color rendering (perfect for those GA mountain fall leaves) and it's pretty fast. Would you like to borrow it?

  3. Enjoy your stuff David from here in the UK and hope your channel grows soon. Please could you make a video about the focus aids, peaking etc on the Fuji to get the sharp results you do on these old lenses?

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