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My Advisory Charges, Turkish Visa Requirements & A Sorry from my Assistant:

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New Turkey Visa Requirements with changes.

Turkey TRC for Family.

Real Turkey TRC, Red or Blue Card?

Turkey me jobs hen k nai?

Sticker Visa Ya E-Visa, Kiski value zyada hy?

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US family visa mistakes:

Valid US visa pe visa free countries (Pakistan/India):

USA new visa policy for Pakistan:

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New US Visa Fee With New Policies:

US Visa Sanction on Pakistan

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31 thoughts on “Vietnam Visa Ban..Pakistanis, Please don’t do this! Very Upset!!

  1. Bhai what is the latest status? Last year I visited Vietnam and pay 100$ for stamping and everything. But today I just contact there and the travel agency said you have to pay 250$. Reason: now it is very difficult to get a Tourist Visa on Pakistani Passport. After getting their email I just googled and get your video and know what is the story behind this.

  2. جی ھماری قوم کے کارنامے تو ھیں نا یہ چوتیا قوم ھے عزت راس ھی نہیں

  3. اسلام علیکم ورحمۃ اللہ وبرکاتہ مجھے اپنا وٹسپ نبمر سینڈ فرما دیں مجھے آپ سے ضروری بات کرنی ہے

  4. You are a rational logical mindset guys.. appreciate your narrative..btw you looks like one of my school time close friend… Regards from 🇮🇳

  5. Masha Allah Karim Bhai Apki Bohat Achchi Baat Aur Hamare Loog Bohat Dishonest Hogaeyey Hain Aur Pakistan Bechara Mulk Kiya Kare Hum Loog Kab Tak Pakistan Ko Apne Mufaad Mein Badnaam Karte Rahengay Munafiq Loog Hain Allah Pak Hidayat De Ameen,,,,,

  6. 99.9 percent Punjabis from Pakistan do these activities. Why Pakistan has over population and they all wants to go overseas.

  7. Bhai apki video pori dakhe ha. Main july 5 ko gya tha Vietnam or 8 ko wapis aya hn ap mari video dakh lain us main b mainy yahi btaya ha k mary sath immigration na kia keya unhon na 10 sa 15 mint lgay thy khali pasport chk krny k scan kia or aik aik page chk kar k entry di. Baki ham sab ko chyea k wapis ayn or apny mulk ka nam badnam na karin.

  8. So sad! Still now suspension. Many Pakistani businessmen are getting stuck because no Vietnam visa can be issued for them now.

  9. They are not coming to Vietnam to earn money. They are here to stay for the peaceful life. Or try to marry Vietnam girls and start a new family and then they can start business

  10. Karim bhai paise k majboori sab kaam karvati h. Bahar k Lifestyle achi hone se vo Pakistan se bhag rahe h. Jab Pakistan k Economy strong ho tab possible h….

  11. The solution is to give opportunities for a decent living in Pakistan. Most people can only do jobs. When jobs are less and pay even lesser and to top it the rupees keep plunging what else do you expect? The problem is the Pakistani government and public servants whose aim is to do everything for themselves and do nothing for general public. Other countries are not like that. The visa run by Pakistanis is an open indication of the failure of its government to provide opportunities, education and training to its population otherwise who in their right mind wants to leave all their loved ones. Think about it.

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