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You know those books where you learn 500 idioms in on book? Yeah never buy those! In my videos, I only teach the useful ones!

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TOEFL (Both of these are great)
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Transmigration of Bodies:
Fight Club:

—Upper Intermediate / Advanced—

Fear and loathing:
American Psycho:

—Intermediate / Upper Intermediate—
Scar Tissue – Anthony Keidis:

—Elementary / Pre-Intermediate—
Harry Potter:

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Green Eggs and Ham:


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40 thoughts on “Understand Idioms in English! – Learn English Vocabulary

  1. When you start playing the piano for your first time faster is difficult at the beginning you definitely couldn't get the hang of it

  2. Could you please make a video about what you really need to know for a CPE exam? I will be taking the exam in December but i have the feeling I will never pass because they can ask so many different things!

  3. I'm autistic. My mind works extremely fast, I get facts and theories very quickly but also jumping to conclusions is pretty much my modus operandi. I can't get my around the idea that others don't know something I know. And I'm always the one friend who can't read between the lines. That's just how my brain works.

  4. American native English speaker here. ''take my advice on board'' must be British English. Sounds odd to my American ears. However, ''You need to get on board'' in the US means ''you need to accept the decision that has been made''. Is this used in the UK?

  5. You are truly a good teacher . Since the thé fort day i have stared to follow i realise that can Rise m'y speech here. Then i jumped to conclusions.

  6. I just discover you on youtube a couple of days ago, and I'm getting myself up to speed on your other videos because I found them very entertaining and helpful to me. Great job of yours Papa.

  7. Hiii, you're amazing. Thank you so much for all your tips. I'm quite in-between a b1/c1 level in English. I really wish to upgrade my level. I actually remember some of the new word you procure me, but how can i remember all, cuz they're all interesting and useful for the day-to-day life. I obviously write down all what you teach but i need my english to be perfect. Some advices?

  8. I'm a bit tired to always miss something when writing or trying to say long phrases (you may already noticed), so I hope to improve my english with your videos! I just discovered your channel and your videos seem to be pretty clear, I'll be pleased if someone corrects anything bad on this comment 🙂

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