The Ultimate Japanese Duolingo Review – Can You Learn Japanese from Duolingo?

Duolingo is one of the most popular Japanese learning apps on the market today. Today, let’s do a full review of Duolingo Japanese. We’ll do a deep-dive into what Duolingo is, the pros, cons, price, and everything in between. By the end of this review, I hope that you get a true sense of whether or not you can learn Japanese from Duolingo. In addition, you’ll get a better idea of whether or not it’s the right tool to help you pick up some Japanese.

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23 thoughts on “Ultimate Japanese Duolingo Review – Learn Japanese from Duolingo?

  1. I’m a french japanese learner and have been using duolinguo plus for a while now (got the plus version for free with Cydia). Looking back at the french program I really see what you mean with « tunnel vision  ». Same as in a lot of latin and asian languages, there are plenty of meanings that comes out of the exact same sentence but using different voice intonations. Kind of the only downside of the app though, really recommend it if you wanna learn a basic french/japanese within a few months

  2. The one thing I found weird about the app is that when they had an example of introducing yourself they don’t include わたしわ (watashiwa). I think I read on it that it’s normal for some people don’t include that. Is that true?

  3. Just started 2 weeks ago its pretty amazing that I can already read some words even though I might not know what exactly is being said.

  4. I started Japanese last week. I work long shifts, so I have the time, and apparently my dojo expects (but does not require) us to visit Japan at some point. I'll probably go in 2-3 years, so hoping to be able to somewhat fluent by then.
    The 2 types of writing is killing me. Haha!

  5. You should try using the computer, it forces you to actually write the sentences other then choosing from a word bank. It challenges you way more. 🙂

  6. an important feature that you forgot to mention: when you tap on a lesson and the little window pops up, there's a button with a lightbulb that you can press to read about the characters, vocabulary, grammar, etc. introduced in that lesson.

    Duolingo is good to try out Japanese and see if it's really a language you want to learn. but once you've made that decision, i think it's best to use a combination of resources. i use Duolingo, Memrise, Tae Kim's Guide to learning Japanese, pen and paper to better memorize characters, and i'm creating my own Anki decks.

  7. Great video Donald! Question for you, hoe long did it take you to be comfortable with your Japanese being able to respond in full sentences and such?

    I'm in my third year here and have learned a lot, able to write, read, and understand a lot. Still trying to catch my speaking up, speaking full sentences and making conversation, if that makes any sense lol. Keep up the great content brother.

  8. just downloaded this. really nice. really nice learning. more approachable than Rosetta which I also have. I'm going to try it for Japanese and Korean.

  9. I used it in the past, as well as memrise and anki. Anki is all I use lately, but Duolingo is pretty good. Plus that passive aggresive owl.

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