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I’ve found it! The best possible ultra-light, minimalist set-up for Sony APSC shooters! 🤩

For a while now I’ve been thinking about how I can turn my Sony a6300 into something resembling the Fuji X100F. Something small and portable, yet still with decent image quality. With the Sony 20mm f2.8 pancake lens I think I might just have found it. This E-mount pancake lens is tiny yet decently sharp if used correctly, effectively turning your Sony a6000/a6300/a6400/a6500 into a Fuji X100F, the camera that everyone on YouTube loves.

This is video of two parts; in the beginning I do a broad review of the Sony 20mm f2.8 pancake lens and talk about why I bought it. I talk a bit about the lens IQ and how it performs.

In the second half, I show you some sample images using the SEL20F28 from a recent trip to Hong Kong, ending off with why I think this is the best lens for Sony a6xxx camera owners looking for a set-up similar to the Fuji X100F. It’s turned out to be a really great all-round lens in terms of street and travel photography for me so far and I don’t see myself changing this set-up anytime soon.

I’m Stuart, a photographer based in South Korea. I make videos about street and travel photography in Asia, my journey as a street photographer, and the gear that I use. On this channel, I show you how to make the most of your camera as a street and travel photographer.

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6 thoughts on “Turn Your Sony a6xxx Camera INTO a FUJI X100F || Sony SEL20F28 Pancake Lens Review

  1. When will you have a full review just about the 20mm f2.8, maybe with more samples, maybe some long exposures? 🙂

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