8 thoughts on “Toyota Tacoma Review | 2005-2015 | 2nd Gen

  1. I have a 2010 offroad v6 auto with 98k miles. Here is my long list of repairs.
    1) my e-brake cable corroded and wouldn't release the brake when i used it parking on a hill one night. Had to aaa my truck to my fathers and replace the cable.
    2) cabin blower motor plug burnt up and blower stopped working. Had to replace the plug.
    That is all i've had to do to the truck. Toyota has done a few things free of charge such as leaf springs, new seatbelt retractor etc. It has been extremely reliable

  2. Good review. I have this same truck (2013 TRD 4×4 in black & grey; 4.0L V6). In many ways this is a fine truck that will meet the needs of most folks who would look for a midsize pickup. I've owned mine for 4 years now and have 74,000 miles on the odometer. Most Toyota guys won't talk about any negatives for these trucks, so I will share a few: (1) Even by 2013, Toyota hadn't fixed the driveshaft shimmy that happens under heavy acceleration; (2) poor mileage for a V6; (3) very harsh, rough ride; (4) mine has required about $700 in three different A/C system repairs; (5) my V6 with the auto transmission is slow and sluggish and protests loudly if I try get it to rev and really move down the road; (6) the 4.0 V6 is NOISY and rough instead of being smooth and even! ~~~ I suppose what I want is a Toyota that rides as comfortably as a Chevy Silverado and has the smooth, rich sound of a 5.3L V8 engine! ~~~ This is the 3rd Toyota truck I've owned too.

  3. Hey Mike, I’m looking to get mud flaps for my Tacoma. Mainly for the salt in the winter time. What is you’re opinion since you also appear to live in a snowy climate? Are they something I can go without or do you think they would help? BTW, great video, I love a good 2nd gen Tacoma lol

  4. I got a good deal on an 09 access cab 4wd,nice truck engine runs great,has high miles though 248000,don't know the maintenance history,the transmission has a shudder 30-40 and slips at times,was thinking about dropping and draining the pan and changing the filter but am kind of hesitant not wanting it to get worse,any thoughts???

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