After 500+ hours in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, I just experienced the worst team effort that I have seen. We were tasked with defending Firebase Georgina and it was far from a defense… Also, we get vicious with the new K50M!

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20 thoughts on “THE WORST TEAM | Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Gameplay

  1. Hello, it's a great game but I have a detail, I do not know how to play with friends in the same squad, could someone tell me how? please and thank you

  2. Can I get an F in chat for the servers that run 'kicked because you went over the friendly fire limit' as TL because two people walked into your art you called out

  3. Double barrel shotgun is strong on firebase, all the shots are mid-range or close. RPG spam is critical, just fire in the direction of enemies randomly for easy kills. rpg should never have below 50 kills at match end.

  4. Personally firebase is one of my favorite maps, it favors rushing as attackers and as defenders I like to be on bushy by the tree with a shotgun, turkey shoot for 80 kills as scout or rpg.

  5. I did firebase in under 10 minutes with friends on a full server. I just ran to the next point to ambush them as soon as we cap. A was instant, ambushed b 2 min in, Arty back of c, blitz and cap, was already on d for ambush. Friends ran straight to E for instant cap. Somehow no one noticed me hiding in F for ambush. That was it.

  6. God Emperor Trump here. I was on this server with that team for ten minutes. As soon as my Arty finished and 30 seconds after I ambush… Everyone I ambushed would be dead except me still alive in front of all of them… And we lose point. They literally afk wherever I ambushed and the ones that weren't afk would all stay in that one small area, which meant one nade killed 8 of them 30 seconds after I ambushed them… I just couldn't man.

  7. I once ran Apartments (RO2 for those that don't know the map) with a team in under a minute. Cap A & B and immediately push C & D

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