A young man who lives in Xiaoyanggang dreams of martyrdom, but he is blind and can only sneak into the market by swindling.

One day, Rakshasa attacked Xiaoyanggang, and his mother, who was dependent on him, suddenly disappeared. Lang Ming had to embark on the road of finding the truth.

After a wave of unrest, ancient gods and beasts are in danger, and the legendary chivalrous also appear before them. Lang Ming embarks on a journey of adventure that will change his life.

Director: Liu Kuo

Cast: Animation

Year/Country: 2018/China

Original title: The Wind Guardians (Feng Yu Zhou)

Running time: 95 min.

Screenwriter: Shu Yicheng, Ao Yu, Zhou Tienan

Cinematography: Animation

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  2. one of the best animated movies I've ever seen so much love ND sacrifices I crieddd a lot watching it I love it please keep uploading more videos

  3. Thanks for uploading this i love it so much and u know the like of viewers lots of Subtitle hope u can do that on ur movies😍 uoload more like this

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