43 thoughts on “The Orient Watches ‘Capital’ Wristwatch: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

  1. Well Nick,am i getting old and tired?I have quite a few watches with indices rather than at least a numeral at the cardinal points and indices are beginning to look like an easy out for the designers,a kind of get out of jail free card.I have a $19.00 watch from china and it has very attractive printed numerals AND an automatic movement,surely for $80.00 orient could have given us a little more eye candy……………………………

  2. Nick – been watching your channel for years now. Love your take on knives and watches! I actually bought a Casio Oceanus after watching your review and absolutely love it. I would like your thoughts on the Orient Kamasu, if you don't mind. I am very close to buying the green dial version, but just need that push over the edge.

    Thanks for all you do!

  3. I'm considering an Orient Sun and Moon, soon, so seeing a review of the manufacturer by someone I trust, helps. Thank you, brother! (and yes, I realize I'm comparing inexpensive quartz to inexpensive chronograph)

  4. G'day Nick, just the type of watch I've been looking for. Shame about the "water resist", though the only real moisture threats I can see for a dress watch is a prawn fingerbowl or rain on the way to and from the car. I reckon this is at the very least on my short list with the bambino and others. Many thanks for showing it and; Cheers Duke.

  5. 40mm is too big for that kind of watch IMO. One would think that when the movement physically can't output enough torque to drive a second hand long enough to reach the markers, you might ask "is the dial a bit too large?"

  6. Nick, for god's sake. When you show your wife an expensive item, we want them to think it doesn't cost much. My wife still thinks single malt scotch costs $30, cigars cost $4 and a H & K 9mm costs the same as a Ruger. You're going to mess this up for all of us. Be more careful, please.

  7. Nick. By aligning the hands with respect to the sun, you can tell which way is North.

    This means that this watch can help

    (Puts on Batman mask)

    Orient you

    Eh? Eh?

    But I digress

  8. I still think Orient is underrated based on value for money Love my Ray and bambino on a bracelet. Saving up for a Kamasu.

  9. Love orient watches! I own a couple of their automatics and they offer probably the best bang for the buck imo. This is the first time I've seen this particular model as I don't generally care for quartz watches but they are good for some occasions. It would make a good daily beater. I appreciate you bringing the capital out into view. For the price of a fossil you can have an Orient, an attractive one at that, and it won't drain you of too much of your capital.

  10. Your Citizen BM8180 has 100m water resist for $100. I think this Orient watch would be better if they invest another $20 into making a better water resistant watch.

  11. Nice review Nick, as ever. Off topic: I would be interested in a review from you on the Bertucci field watch A-2T in titanium, quartz with a 10 year Li battery (now that is a good thing) and sapphire crystal. Price around $200.

  12. Looks fine to me but that strap looks like it will crack and cack out before the sixth time you wear it. I'd consider slapping a mesh bracelet on it.

  13. Someday you need to go in reverse order. Ugly, bad, great, and good. Completely just bash a watch then gently build up its self esteem.

  14. I agree that collecting too many Quartz watches can become a battery replacement dilemma. Really nice review Nick. I would spend a little more for the Automatic version of this watch.

  15. Nice watch and great review. Have you thought about reviewing some kind of Citizen stiletto? Very thin, relatively affordable and solar – seems to check a lot of boxes.

  16. I have the Orient symphony 2 which is a very similar watch it has the same dial design with the dolphin hands. The big difference is that it has an Automatic movement (which I prefer) and Sapphire crystal for superior scratch resistance. I have really like the Symphony 2 it looks great with a veriey of straps and you can use it for casual or dress-up occasions. The Symphony runs about $99-120 and I recommend it. Thanks for the Capital review.

  17. I wear a dress watch 4 or 5 days out of the year, so that works nicely for me. Right now I have a similar priced, though slightly smaller diameter, Bulova watch on and it works fine for telling the time and nothing makes me cry more than a big hefty 14mm thick sports watch with a suit, despite how nice it looks.

  18. All alone here with the first like people. Maybe they need to add "Express" under Orient? C'mon don't leave Nick and me here by ourselves. Eighty bucks…
    Step right up.

  19. This would be much more compelling without the day on the dial. I don't usually mind a date on dress watches, but the day seems a little out of place.

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