THE KINGRADIO — Broadcasting Live from the Heart of the United States — Washington DC and serving the audiences around the world.
The news is broadcasting in Vietnamese, and Nguy Vu, Kingradio’s owner, with 20+ years of experiences, is providing to Vietnamese community not only the latest news in Business, Politics, but also sharing analysis, debate, and comments regarding these popular topics.
Our live Broadcasting is scheduled every morning 7 days a week, starting from 7:30AM EST, and every evening from Monday to Friday, starting at 6:00PM EST.
Replay will be uploaded daily, right after the Live Broadcasting on our Channel.
If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via following channels:
Phone: 571-502-9989
Address: The Kingradio
6763 Wilson Blvd, Ste 6
Falls Church VA 22044


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6 thoughts on “THE KING SHOW 2 – 09/11/2019 – BÀ TÁM CHI

  1. 105$ còn trừ tiền phòng, rồi tụi chăn dắt nữa, đc 30$ là may lắm rồi. A Vũ nói vậy pà con nghỉ làm nail đi làm gái hết. 😀

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