30 thoughts on “The Best 10 Episodes in Running Man 2017

  1. In the past episodes their missions are always hard ..like they have to run from here to there.. thats why its ok that its not like that any more…specially that they not getting any younger now specially suk jin…
    They run with al they might for the past years… lets just be thankful that rm is still here ang airing. .💞💞💞💋❤💕💜💓

  2. running man episodes without guests are the best, but there is some episodes with guests were really funny. and i stopped watching running man around episode 300 and everyone love old running man would know the reasons. 🙁

  3. Sometimes. i just randomly pick and episode to watch but it still funny. Can't deny, the chemistry between all the cast is really really great. Can't imagine myself not watching an episode a day. I'm totally inñove with all of them for real. Even if it is the old cast or the new one. I love both

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