In this video I do a recap of the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. Performers include Taylor Swift, BTS, Halsey, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Ciara, and more.

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32 thoughts on “Taylor Swift copies Beyonce’s Coachella performance | Billboard Music Awards 2019 Review

  1. Ok so if i have a marching band I'm copying Beyonce what makes no sense to me. Janet's Jackson used to use marching bands in her old days and nobody said Beyonce copied her. Plus Beyonce has copied other artists to so we should all drag her for that sense the bee hive likes to drag Taylor

  2. For all those saying she didn't copy maybe she didn't but sure as hell was alike, idc if it different songs. Beyonce is a queen and icon so I guess Taylor just wanted some inspiration, still ain't aight tho.

  3. Taylor 's people out here for a head, all the same she still copied,Kanye where are you? (Taylor ama let you finish but beyonce's performance was the best)😂😂😂😂😂

  4. So Taylor Swift copies gets shaded
    Beyonce copies Infinity and is called Queen B
    Please stop Beyonce has a good voice but Taylor Swift is 100% more original.

  5. I can’t wait for 1D to come back! Bts and 1D collab would be history! Spread love to fandoms not hate!

  6. Taylor has planned this months ahead also who cares people copied people everyday and no one cares. Also stop spreading the hate she is a human too! Spread love to other fandoms! Stop calling people names how would you feel if people called you trash and a bounch of other stuff

  7. Please Madonna can sing and dance. She's no Mariah vocally but she can still outsing most of these new girls. She can certainly outsing Paula Abdul. She don't need to learn ANYTHING from Paula Adbul.

  8. Lol people are so mean to Taylor, it's like Beyoncé is the only artist allowed to have a marching band in a performance.

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