29 thoughts on “SSG (Crown Cassiopeia) VS SKT (Faker Viktor) Game 5 Highlights – S6 World Championship Final

  1. Bengi's win ratio in the last two best of 5: 6-1; Blank's win ratio in the last two best of 5: 0-3, and usually have Bengi to clean up his mess. I seriously have no idea what stands out for Blank compared to other applicants. Funny thing is that TheShy also have applied for the jungler on SKT (he was a quite strong Nidalee player in Season 5), and the reason TheShy was rejected was due to his answer in Kkoma's test. Kkoma asked him "5 minutes in, you have no camps on your side of the map, what are you supposed to do?" and TheShy answered, "Kill the enemy jungler" and got knocked out in the interview. Guess what? Some people just can make enemy jungler look like part of his "camps" while some other people (Blank) can barely prevent himself from being enemy's "camps".

  2. Hahaha, here we are again, will history repeat itself and SKT will still reign or will it be SSG who'll finally take the Win for the S7 worlds finals.

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