A complete, detailed and exhaustive comparison and concordance comparing the features of the Sony A6400 vs the Fujifilm X-T30.
This is part one of two.

Wallet, Hand, Heart 1:31
Body and Sensor 2:40
Viewfinder, LCD 3:31
Controls and dials 4:52
Flash 6:51
Mode dial and exposure setting 7:20
Burst mode and test 9:30
Brackets 11:34
Body details 12:55
Quick Menus, custom displays 13:18
Still resolution, quality, RAW 14:08
Shutter 14:49
ISO and samples 15:50
Exposure settings and manual 17:20
White balance, colour control, film simulation 19:04
Filters and effects, picture profiles 21:32
Dynamic range, XYLA chart 22:39
Lenses 24:47

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43 thoughts on “Sony A6400 VS Fujifilm X-T30 – detailed comparison – part one

  1. Do you think shutter speed is enough to chose between the two? I do shoot alot portraits in mid daylight (panasonic Gx8), but i am afraid of the sony a6400 limit sutter of 1/4000. Thanks for the great video.

  2. Hi Maarten – a wealth of information… Still not clear in my mind (such as it is) as to whether or not silent shutter, i.e. electronic shutters, is available for all shutters speeds on the X-T30. Currently own the Sony A6400 and find the silent shutter extremely useful when shooting on the street.. Am considering changing systems so this would be a very important feature..

  3. thank you for your great work. Although I really wonder which lenses series are better. Can you give me you thought about the sony (including 3rd party for sony) and fuji lenses series. I would like to do night photography, street photography, travel photography and video.

  4. Hello. Which one you think is better for travel, street and architecture, family vacation? I'm planning to buy this coming december.

  5. Receiving my a6400 today 😉 Just couldn't resist it due to that price and me wanting a better/smaller backup/second camera. I actually had bought a used X-Pro 2 to be my second camera, but the sensor has a problem so I had to send it back. After I started doing more research I realized I could get the a6400 BRAND NEW for slightly less than the used Fuji/lens combo and of course the a6400 is far more advanced and future-proofed than the older Fuji. As far as the X-T 30 goes, I looked at that also but just couldn't do it. I guess in some ways I have a love/hate relationship with Fuji. I love the look of their hardware and the easy JPGs but I still don't like the X-Trans files compared to the files from a sensor with the normal bayer filter on it.

  6. As always, a big thumbs up for you. Not only are your videos super informative, but I always enjoy listening to your crystal clear English. Keep up the excellent job!

  7. Wat camera should I buy for mainly taking pictures, a6400 or the x-t30? Which camera has the best lenses for a decent price (I don't want to pay 800 just for one lens, I'm not a photographer but I really love taking pictures and I want to invest in one of these models)?

  8. Should I get A6400 or the X-T30? I will be mainly shooting street photography, b-roll videos. And which camera has better lens selection? Thank you.

  9. Thank you so much for your detailed video.
    My shortlisted cameras are Canon EOS M50 and Fujifilm X-T30. Could you please guide which to choose among these two?

  10. @Maarten Heilbron: An excellent comparison that has deserved far more attention, viewers and likes. Thank you for your great work, please keep it up. The least thing I could do in return for such great work is a subscription. (No "thank you" required, the pleasure is all mine.)

  11. Man, you gotta be an engineer to use some of these cams these days. What happened to when you used to put the film in and pull the lever.

  12. Hello Maarten "professor"! Can you please give me an advice? I love photography but I dont have a lot of money so what camera you think I should buy. I have 4 options. They're all pack's. A- Nikon D7500 with 18-105 lens. B- Canon 80D with 18-135 f3.5-5.6. C- Sony A7II with 28-70 f3.5-5.6. D- Fujifilm XT30 with 18-55 f2.8-4. or I keept my Canon 700D and buy the lens 24-105 f4. Thank you very much. Cheers José

  13. Is the HD and 4k video quality better in the xt30? Looks like it to me. Also does af lock on as good with Fuji when recording video?

  14. Hi Maarten, I'd like to ask you a couple of questions concerning Sony a6400 (and other Sony Alpha cameras).
    Are there any downsides to set DRO AUTO ON every time? I've seen there are many differences in dynamic range between DRO ON ad OFF. I set DRO AUTO ON both on Alpha 7R3 and on 6400 and when I develop raw files shot in studio or outdoor I can’t see any problems, even when scenarios are demanding. So, is there a reason to set DRO AUTO OFF?
    The second question maybe is related to the first one: I set clipping light alert on “100+” but often the blinking alert does not match with the histogram. After some tests I’ve seen that the histogram “says” the truth: if the lights are not clipped in the histogram they are not clipped in the RAW too. I’ve been working as a professional for about 10 years but I switched to Sony a few months ago and this is the first time I observe this behaviour in a camera. Is it possible that the 100+ clipping alert and the histogram representation show a different situation because DRO AUTO is set ON?
    Thank you in advance. Sorry if I have gone on too long.
    ps: Thank you for another great video.

  15. Hey….loved the video….I have one query…I wanted to buy a new camera… would you recommend a6400+ all 3 sigma f1.4 lenses….or the a7iii+kit lens or a7iii+28f2 lens? Please..it will be really helpful

  16. i have question about long exposure .how can I extend time above 30 sec .bulb mode on sony camera?
    do I need to keep pressing button or is any app for extend timer.
    I want to take sharp long exposure pictures but is impossible to get one while you pressing shutter buton.

  17. What a detailed comparison! Thanks a lot. It‘s still a complicated choice. I prefer the Sony‘s form factor because of its better grip but I wish it would get the first-class compact APS-C lenses Fuji makes. I’m still a bit overwhelmed with the huge feature-sets of both compared to my Canon 100D.

  18. Wow!…Outstanding! Thank you ever so much, Maarten! Don't forget your Fujifilm E-Book would be a great seller!

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