Sonos makes two wireless speakers that look nearly identical: The Play:1 and the Sonos One. Yet the Sonos One is more expensive. Why is that, and is it worth it? Find out in our head-to-head comparison.

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Sonos Play 1:
Sonos One:



In our studio:
BDI Corridor Media Console:


Video gear we use:
Panasonic GH5
Lumix 12-60mm Camera Lens
Sony A7iii
Sony E 50mm F1.8 OSS
Konova K3 Camera Slider
Godox SL-60W
Neewer 660 LED Video Light
Benro S6 Video Tripod

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19 thoughts on “Sonos One vs. Sonos Play:1 | What’s the difference?

  1. on my Yamaha musiccast system I No dont Need to turn off the Bluetooth so i can Connected to the rest of my system This Is A Pretty Ridiculous for the price I cant Believe People Are paying voor subpar Sound and Badly implemented application if you want to see what musiccast can do for you check The link @

  2. Don’t bother with the play 1 you can’t stream music off your iOS devices.
    I got one and can’t stream off my IPad or mobile phone.

  3. Aand.. still no Bluetooth, so you have to enforce Sonos app on all your guests who want to stream their music to your speakers. And also no open UPnP connection, so no streaming from third-party solutions, such as BubbleUPnP. And no line input (need another Sonos device for that), so you cannot attach your old analog devices… oh, Sonos…. Basically, I'm still in search for a similar device without those limitations. How hard would it be to create a decent sounding device with both Bluetooth and UPnP/DLNA and also add line-in as a bonus?

  4. You did not comment on how they compliment each other while using in conjunction with Sonos Beam. Do they work like surround speakers and capture different sound effects independently? I have a Beam and I'm trying to see if I can build on it using either Sonons One or Sonos One SL. I don't care for Alexa/Google mic; I have them switched off.

  5. I got a Sonos play:1 as a gift, I just bought a google home mini to use with it. It works pretty nice to control music. Only issue is that the functionality with Apple Music is limited.

  6. I bought a sonos playbar 2 sonos 1 and the 600 dollar sub.They sound awesome but the company sucks.I had to call the many time when i would play music from my ipad and the it wouldnt play the entire songs.Each time i called the blamed my very expensive wi fi mesh system.Not the problem.Then they blamed my ipad but it had the same results from my iphone.After months of wondering what my issue is was.Turns out they knew the entire time they had a compatability isssue with apple itunes and now they say i have to find a new service to play all my music through the sonos.They bullshitted me the entire time and unless i use another app my music is useless and its the reason i bout this stuff for thousands.Dishonest un loyal company.Dont buy

  7. I hope Sonos updates their entire line of speakers. I would like speakers that sound better than the play five.

  8. So I just purchased 2 Sonos Play: 1 on July 20th using a 15% off coupon, so should I return and get the Sonos One instead? I hadn't heard about the alexa/ google assistant features before. Seems like it kind of future proofs the investment

  9. I have one older play one in each of my kid's rooms and I am pondering ordering two of the newer ones and added them to the kid's rooms to give them stereo. Wondering how the old and the new are pair as a stereo pair with one being old and one being new. Then that gives them Alexa in their rooms and I wonder how that apple airplay works. Does it stream to the paired device that does not support apple airplay or does it only come out of the one that supports it?

  10. I’m setting up a 5.1 sonos system with the playbar. I picked up 2 Ones on prime day (140 each after gift cards) but I’m debating returning them for play 1. I already have a fire cube on the tv. Behind the speakers is an echo show. I’m worried that too many Alexa devices in the room will be an issue. Any suggestions?

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