39 thoughts on “Song Joong Ki and Song Ji Hyo Love's Cruise (Running Man ep 18 CUT)

  1. MY GOD!!! I tried so hard to forget about this scene for so long and now I'm back here watching HAHA! It really hurts man! Why did you have to leave rm, Joongki?
    This scene honestly felt real. As if he was really confessing and Jihyo taking cautious with him as always by choosing Gary. Him being already married now didn't remove that effect in this scene. Their chemistry is just too much. Why can't they star in a drama together, I'm still waiting.

  2. I wish they let my songsong couple date at least in dramas or films. But his fans will be a complete headache to both Jihyo and her fans hehe

  3. misss u >_< sooooo muchhhh song song couple….. luv u 4evr song song couple 🙂 (but i m too lateee nw ;( ) 😭😭

  4. Have to watch this part three times:
    -Just watching joong ki (his face is so cute…its distracting me.. I cant take my eyes off him)
    -to watch the whole video with the dialogue
    -to listen again to the soundtracks coz its from two great movies!!!
    Thanks for posting this. 😊😊😊

  5. That really felt real then..it felt like he really means it that time.. so sad that joongki is married.. my original songsong couple 😭😭😭😭 you will forever be my favorite ship 😭

  6. When the two of you is in your own world, then suddenly your friends ruin the mood. HAHAHAHA
    They're so cute together! <3
    So, Joong Ki and Ji Hyo is the original SONSONG Couple, ohhh daebak! <3

  7. 🇲🇨😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😍songsong😭😭😭👍👍👍song ji hyo dan song joong ki

  8. came here because I will forever miss these two together since song jong ki is getting married 😭😭😭 i was hoping one day this ship will sail but it has come to an end. sigh….😭😭

  9. i always thought that jihyo has little crush to joong ki haha or like her favorite dongsaeng. yeah but she belong to monday couple kkkkkk kang garyy

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