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This time around, I took what was considered as first class train ticket from Hue to Hanoi alone. Traveling alone as a female in Vietnam can be a bit tricky but very doable. Here is the video of my travel journey, and what it likes to travel alone. This is non-glamorous part of traveling and I hope you enjoyed this video too!

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Hello there, welcome to this channel!

I am an Indonesian female solo traveler, who started solo traveling in 2013. After working for the government till 2016, I left Indonesia to pursue full-time traveling and to document myself as I explore different cultures as a solo female.

Having initially traveled for 5 months throughout Asia, I moved to China in January 2017 for an English teaching job, which was my first experience living abroad.

Since leaving China in 2018, I have taken the move to become a full-time YouTube creator and traveler. I strive to create unique, culture-driven content and capture authentic interactions as I travel.

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43 thoughts on “Solo Traveling By TRAIN TO HANOI, VIETNAM

  1. Hello everyone,

    I hope you have had a great day so far! It's end of the week again and time for a new video. This time around, I took local train all the way to Hanoi. I documented my journey to show you what it's like to solo travel around Vietnam. I was very exhausted on this video due to filming and travel consistently. I hope you still enjoy this raw video of one's female solo travel journey. Thank you so much for your kind support till this day!
    Let me know which part of the video is your favorite. Remember, by not skipping the ads, you are helping to sustain this channel a lot further. 🙂

  2. Never seen any youtuber literally "Begging" . . . .Pay through patreon. . . Pay through Paypal . . . Don't skip ads so that I can make more money . . . . Like seriously ?

  3. อยากไปเที่ยวเวียดนามจังเลยครับ

  4. good best people, you do solo traveling in others country. 😉 ok keep yourself wherever n whenever you are. ok good luck and happy always.

  5. Hbat y trvlng sndiri ,,plgi seorng cewek ..salam kk syifa adriana dri indo n sllu ya klo orang indo dmna aje ramah sama siapa saja , i love it 😘😘
    Clo mu komperin hanoi ama surabaya
    Menang telak surabaya dri sgi kbrsihan

  6. It is safe for lady to travel alone in Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, China, Myanmar, Nepal, Malaysia. The only country that is not safe is uncivilized Hindia. Watch me explain why I left in 3 days into my 1 month solo travels. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0n06DQpxSZw

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