The weather isn’t gorgeous in Atlanta today, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take the Sigma fp for its maiden voyage.

Spot metered off the road to look as it did in person using my Sekonic 308. F4 at 1/48th at ISO 100.

Not much done to the color in Resolve other than a slight snap of contrast and color boost. Camera was set to Daylight white balance. Standard color profile, tone curve disabled (default).

The 45mm lens was set to manual focus to avoid any “drifting” due to the passing cars.

I rather like the image and colors out of the fp. While it’s a low-light monster, I think keeping the ISO lower and then boosting the RAW file if needed works well.

Also haven’t found a need to over-expose and then pull down like I used to do on the Sony A7s since the files are so clean as long as you get a good exposure.

Original, full quality video file before YouTube re-compression:


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