42 thoughts on “Should you Spend Money on Riding Boots?

  1. I live in england and its considered embarrasing not to have full gear regardless of power of your bike or whether you're on a track or road. Ive spent about 1400 pounds in the last 6 months on gear. RST TRACTECH Boots and racing suit and aplinestars gp pro 2 gloves are brst ive found. Trust me, the price wont matter when you hit the tarmac. At 30mph It takes 0.3 seconds to go from skin to bone. Buy decent gear! Its your life on the lije

  2. Hi, as you said riding boots are very important, i was going to my friends place and while thinking about what to wear i chose sandals over my boots,i met with an accident and broke my ankle multiple places, thankfully i am still able to walk and ride but not running…..from that point onwards i always wear boots….thanks for your video others wont make the same mistake

  3. Do you want to ride?
    Do you want to walk too?
    Do you want to spend money on walking feet?
    Then spend on riding boots.
    Keel khatm. Dukaan bandh.

  4. very informative content brother https://youtu.be/B1dPaKJJbxs take a look at this bro…. gixxer rattle problem.. have u any solutions about this ?? i m helpless

  5. Thanks Vikas for this video, I have dainese boots, which I wore it for one ride, in which I was very uncomfortable riding bike and then I kept it in loft, after watching your video I will definitely start using them again 👍

  6. wondering why not use ankle length industrial safety shoes?
    They come with CE and ISI certifications+ steel toe cap offering 200 joules impact resistance, anti static, chemical & oil resistance soles and other host of features. And they cost very less too than branded ones. Maybe these might encourage riders to ride safe who are money averse

  7. Bro please do full review on new Suzuki Gixxer SF 250, so that it will be useful for the person who is interested in buying it and the person who owns it would get a better idea about the vehicle

  8. If possible please make a comparo video of these boots:- RYO rapter 3, Zeus Tornado ZX3/ZX4 and Moto Torque discovery series boots. As i am planning to buy boots it would be very helpful if i get your advice.

  9. Hi, I have seen all your videos. You have made a video on BBG Racer boots too. So, how is BBG boots compared to this? Please suggest.

  10. Amazing Informative Video sir. This really proves the importance of the riding boots. After hearing this story, I really feel like investing in riding boots. This video also differentiates between cheap vs proper protection boots. Thanks a lot for this video and that story sir. i really love this video of your's. Great Job sir.

  11. Wahhhh sirrrrr wahhhh….app kya motivational speech diaaaa❤❤❤❤…..maii dekhte hi gya dekhte hi gyaa❤❤….love you sirrr…keep it going 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. Hey Vikas, which boot would you recommend in the 10k range? I am looking at full size riding boots. I like BBG, but after seeing this video, I would rather have your opinion first. Thanks.

  13. Don't do gym for more than 45 min to 90 min sir… Its not good to train muscles after reaching saturation.. Just saying

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