Welcome to the inaugural episode of Retail Reviews!! Mike Matei is getting ready to open his game store and had Ryan and Kieran stop by to help set up. While they’re at it they talk about the new Sega Genesis Mini and how it compares to other mini consoles like the At Games Sega Genesis Flashback. (other familiar faces coming soon)

If you want to get a Sega Genesis Mini check out their website:

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30 thoughts on “SEGA Genesis Mini Review – Retail Reviews

  1. 30:00 It isn't the true retro experience of our childhoods without Cheeto fingers trying to beat an important level. Not good bedfellows.

  2. man mikes right even though his stressed, i`d be pissed off too if peoples escuse not to use a everdrive or such was because of legality, enjoy your small selection of games and modern day license woes over a selection of games thats decades old, plus crt is the right way to do it, its not expensive and rgb rocks. (oh plus those two on the right do not realise how to add their own roms to their mini consoles so they complain about catalogues across mini consoles when they are all pretty similar hardware wise and customisable 😛 )

  3. Genesis: 42 games
    SNES: 21 games

    Genesis: 2 classic Disney games
    SNES: no Disney games

    Genesis: Streets of Rage 2
    SNES: didn’t even bother adding the crappy port of Final Fight and its terrible sequels

  4. cool video, although i was shocked how little you guys seemed to know about the case the wiley wars fell into.
    I highly recommend checking it out, and i'm excited to see more from this series you guys.~

    p.s mike's points solid af

  5. I prefer retro gaming on a CRT, the frame rate is always right and light guns work on them.
    However I don't mind playing retro games on a flat screen either, I got the NES mini and I can take it with me on trips, for me its about convenience.

  6. Why don't you actually compare the 2018 version of AtGames? If you're going to do a side by side comparison, be fair.

  7. thats true that the snes you can reach all the buttons easier, but its also not true. on genesis 3 button the A button is Closer to the B button than the A is to B on Snes.

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