SCP-2095 is a primarily subterranean temple complex located at Gyaros, an arid and uninhabited Greek island in the Aegean Sea. Structure predates previously known archaeological sites on the island. Inscriptions found within have included Cretan hieroglyphs, Linear A, Hittite Cuneiform, and a previously unknown writing system composed of spiral-shaped glyphs varying in complexity.

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30 thoughts on “SCP-2095 The Siege of Gyaros | Safe | Sarkic Cults scp

  1. The servants of yaldabaoth are by far the worst of all the scp's! Their danger to humanity is only rivaled by the kingdom of abaddon(if it really existed and wasn't a red herring as one story implies),the scarlet king,and of course the pattern screamers.

  2. I somehow missed this last night, but i don't mind Scips with my coffee. Excellent delivery. You sound healthy and strong. I do hope everything is going well. Take care of yourself, can't wait for the next one!

  3. Aren't there any epic truly frightening ones left for you to read like two artists or bondage? Lately not happy. How about that one that is the basement of Alexandria with life books?

  4. Thank you for another fantastic episode. I know your health is poor at the moment. I wish you well sir for I've come to rely upon you to provide amazing entertainment to your masses, but please do not strain yourself. I rather wait a decade for you to get better before begging you to continue these amazing reading at the cost of your health and well being. Thousand thank yous. ❤

  5. Tyvm as always, I hope your tests came back with good news and your feeling better, tyvm Steve, you are the only reader I can listen too, I tried… I just can't 3 years with just listening to you, I can't get involved with the story with other readers, feel better. And thank you again.

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