Don’t Buy The Galaxy M30 – Samsung Messed It Up. This Is My Full Review After Using The Galaxy M30 for a Month.

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This is my full review of the Samsung Galaxy M30. This is a Rs.15,000 phone from Samsung and it has a triple camera setup, 5000mAh battery and a Super AMOLED Display! But Samsung messed this phone up and I will explain you why in this review.

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31 thoughts on “Samsung RUINED The Galaxy M30 | Review After 30 Days

  1. Hi sir. sir very nice videos you present us regarding mobile phone sir i want to buy a redmi 7a but there is realme c2. Sir please can you guide me which phone is better

  2. Is new M30 3GB variant for 10k worth the price? I dont want to play games. Is it smooth for daily basis?it comes with android pie and one UI…

  3. bullshit! i cant handle the speaking of indians. I'm a little bit irritated to him while lessening but I'm interested in his review HAHAHAHA

  4. bro I'm a college student, and I've been using the moto one power for a while. I really loved the android one experience and then last week I switched to M30 and the difference is felt almost instantly, I've personally used all the phones that are currently in the market that are in the 15k-20k range, and I gotta say that the super AMOLED screen in the Samsung is incomparable. The build quality is also outstanding. I still don't understand why you are complaining about the Exynos 7 series processor, if you get the 6GB varient there is enough ram to make the phone so smooth and I still don't understand what more can you expect at this price point.
    I'm a computer science student and for me my phone is my secondary driver, social media is the least of the tasks that my phone handel word proccessing, PDF editting, Video Editting, Image processing and for al these M30 is just great and thats what i need.
    I'm not a great fan of your reviews cauz you don't focus on the everyday stuff of the phones, you just keep complaining about the things that dont really matter.

  5. Brother….I'm using M30 and it rocks than any other phone….you need to sacrifice one to get another….6000Mah…won't come in any phone…

  6. I don't believe in number. I have 635 processor in redmi 7 but still lagging sometimes. And it touch response is sometimes don't work u have to click 2 to 3 times sometimes

  7. SAR at 0.409, SAMOLED, Triple Camera and high-end processor with dedicated slot and a whopping 5000mAH battery with fast charge…
    I don't want radiation to affect me much…

  8. These guys paid extra from chinese brands to defame samsung.. chutiya to shakal se lagra he aur khudko chingu logo ko bechke madarchod b ban gaya

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