Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active 2 – the company just announced it’s latest smartwatch and it’s familiar looking. The new Galaxy Watch Active 2 follows the Active from earlier this year and brings back the much missed bezel control ring. The Active 2 will come in two sizes – 40 and 44mm – and Bluetooth and LTE versions. It will hit stores on September 27th for a starting price of $279.

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28 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 hands-on: bezel control is back

  1. I picked up the "Active" 1st Gen 40mm last week at BB. Liked it SO much I took it back and paid the extra bucks and ordered the Active2 44mm. I'll get a newer/updated/larger version and the charger that comes with the pre-order. I'll be eligible to upgrade to the Note 10 in six weeks. So I'll be able charge the Active2 on the Note 10 if I need to do so." I just love technology!!"

  2. I'm wearing the Apple watch 4, but since I just got the Note 10 plus and Cupertino is full of D***S, I can't pair the Apple Watch with my Note. I knew this before buying the Note though. The Active 2 is in my sights, because I miss the notifications, but I will still wear the Apple Watch occasionally because it is beautiful and it has MICKEY MOUSE! LOL!

  3. Is there a speaker..? Why do you guys always forget to let us know… Nice to take the Galaxy Watch for a run with Spotify playing straight from the watch…

  4. Previous Galaxy watches recorded steps while I was driving in my truck, riding on my motorcycle, and even driving my riding lawnmower mowing the grass. I got rid of it because of that. I'm curious if Samsung has been able to cancel those types of events out so I can rely on it to track steps instead of car rides, etc.

  5. Currently using the Gear Sport with updated OS. No need to buy the current S3 or horrible cheap looking Active/Active 2 range. Holding out for a Samsung watch with EKG/ECG capability.

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