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27 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus | Ringke Dual Easy Film Installation & Review!

  1. Just applied this to my note 10 plus, super simple application 😎 was disappointed with my whitestone dome. The corner started cracking on it's own so I replaced it with the dual easy film.

  2. What's the insurance policy on this kind of screen protector? Yeah, the WSD was pricey up front, but it also definitely does its job, and they'll replace it if it cracks.

  3. I think Whitestone is making their protectors a lot thinner to help with the in-display fingerprint sensor. Unfortunately, that makes them more brittle.

  4. Nice install! I love my Skinomi MatteSkins that I have on 2 phones. A lot longer process, but the results are great, as long as you follow the instructions.

  5. I liked there original, out-of-the box screen protector but when it's worn thru, I'll be picking this up or one like it. No more glue on my expensive phones

  6. All the tempered glass protectors I found on Amazon have gotten only 3 stars at best, they all seem to crack or chip around the edges. All the plastic ones are getting 4 stars.

  7. That's interesting… I was going to get the WhiteStone but was sold out, I went with amFilm glass one … No cracking on the edges yet, and hopefully won't have the issue.

  8. This is a great alternative to the glass protector. I like this one a lot on my Note 10+
    I hear you about the following instructions. Learned the hard way

  9. $9 dollars for two screen protectors, sure as Heck beats $40-50 for ones which perform the same task, or worse, shatter/break, like J's did. Hope you got your money back on that Whitestone protector, J.

  10. I don't want to spend 35$ on the glass or 45 on the Whitestone. I've been using this one. And it's good. Just don't give you that glass feeling. And I use the s pen alot and you can tell the difference. It's almost rubbery. And it leaves indents of the s pen from drawing. But it works great for what it's purpose is.

  11. nothings wrong with mine so far but when it happens I'll look this one up. Great Video like always 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  12. The Whitestone Dome hype is fading… I'm glad I didn't go a spend $50 on the Whitestone Dome. Kinda over spending that kind of money for a screen protector. Still using the factory installed one on my Note10+.

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