Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review!
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43 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review + Unboxing!

  1. I just switched to the note 10 plus from my iPhone and lemme tell you , I'm NEVER going back to iPhone. Love my note 10 plus

  2. How come nobody in any of their videos has touched the AR Emojis in the phones and how you can personalize convos with them. Or all of the features in the messages that NEVER get discussed. I like the video overall but those should get talked about too!

  3. I understand most people love to show off the beauty of their smartphones but these clear cases are a joke. Give them about two weeks and watch it change colour 😂 also my mom has new note 10 plus and I have the note 9 while it's a beautiful phone with a few extra goodies a bump up in performance and a slightly upgraded camera it's not worth your time and money . In fact the note 10 just made the note 9 look a whole lot better than it already is 😂

  4. get your facts right first before making an unboxing and review video………

    girls be like : "ooo rainbow effect color nice"

  5. Team lefty🖐🏽 I also have a N10plus-aura glow. I'm a big note fan🥳 I've had the 5,7,and the 8. Skipped the 9 because it just didn't wow me🤦🏽‍♀️ Great review👍🏽

  6. Has anyone else seen a pixel issue on the top by the front camera when making calls?? It only happens when I'm making calls. Just noticed it today and I've had my phone since the 23rd.

  7. th sound focus "test'" was soo bad.. i mean its like "lets see how we can confuse and make it the rwong way " u guys try …! its like u guys try to cut someting with a sword wile is in the "case" and say "ohh its not cutting too well"

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