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Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Jabra Elite 65t | True Wireless Earbuds Review (2019). In this video, Jeff discusses the Jabra Elite 65t vs Samsung Galaxy Buds. These are two truly wireless earbuds. Overall, Jeff thinks the Galaxy Buds fully wireless earbuds get the edge when it comes to price, comfort and its wireless charging option. On the flip side, Jeff likes the Jabra Elite 65t when it comes to the remote system, battery life and waterproofing. He also discuses audio quality and sound isolation. Thanks for watching this Samsung Galaxy Buds review and Jabra Elite 65t review.

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21 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Jabra Elite 65t | True Wireless Earbuds Review (2019)

  1. I just received my Jabra's yesterday and already love them wanted to get the new Sony's but couldn't justify the increase in cost and the fact that I can pay for the Jabra's from Amazon in 5 monthly payments.

  2. you notice the joggers in this video pop up when he discusses Jabra's "hear through" feature. You can only access that feature through the app. You can only access the app through a phone. You cannot access the jabra app through any Samsung smartwatch. So you will not have that "hear through" feature or any different type of music preset (more bass) without your phone. So if you dont like running with your phone you might want to get the samsung earbuds. I personally have the Jabras but I didnt know this until after I bought them. Just a heads up.

  3. I had some connectivity issues with my Galaxy Buds in the beginning. The only way to fix it was to put them back in the case. That would not have been a problem had it not been that I used them from running and does not bring my case. The last months I have had no problems at all. Maybe an update fixed them. Ive paired them with my Samsung phone and Galaxy Watch Active. Same problem and both seems to have been fixed. But now the right earbud has died. It might have been exposed to water, I am not sure. Also the sound quality is good, but my Jaybird Freedoms are better, they also just dont go loud enough. Normally the sound loudness is no problem, but on an airplane it is an issue. All in all Im satisfied, the very good fit and the size must be the high points.

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