30 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Vs Fossil Gen 5 Review!

  1. I have the Fossil Sport & find the watch to be sluggish & battery life is poor. I still use it & my Gear S3, but I find if I'm going away for a weekend I'm taking the S3. I also think you don't need a lot of apps, but just the right ones for a watch. With my Fossil the app I use most is Shazam so when I'm driving & hear a song on the radio I just press the top button on my watch which is mapped to it & it will tell me what the track is. Very handy. There is no Samsung equivalent in their store. On the flip side I can download Spotify playlist to the S3 & have a Sonos app to control my Sonos speaker around the house. Things I can't do with the Fossil. If only Google had more apps on the Samsung platform, then that would be the watch to get. At the moment I looking at the Active 2 as Google seem to have given up on Wear OS after there big show the other week

  2. Crap wear os is the new firmware update so your wrong they are not updating the OS fossil has the new wear os firmware and just had another firmware update when I set the watch up.

  3. No trouble with my fossil connection issues or phone calls. Far more apps on wear os than the galaxy which very limits the watch. Samsung will end up getting rid of tizen eventual and go to wear os. Love my fossil over galaxy anyday. As far as fitness goes your not stuck with one fitness app on the fossil.

  4. The past galaxy watches had poor hr tracking. Samsung will never be as good as the apple watch as like wear os has far more apps.

    Sleep tracking on Samsung and garmin, etc is not even accurate. A 3rd party app is better. The only watches I found with accurate sleep tracking that works is fitbit and zetime. Cannot beat sleep tracking when you manual start and stop your sleep as auto tracking just does not work.

  5. The fossil gen 5 is more than a smart watch and more than a mini computer on your arm. Samsung is a fitness app trying to be a smart watch. The fossil is a far more versatile watch and can download fitness apps so not stuck with the inbuilt apps. Fossil have fixed this issue.

    I feel your a bit basied toward the samsung. Ita just not as versatile as the fossil.

  6. I am not too sure about calling feature on samsung? Can i answer the call and hear the other person (on the speaker) from the watch itself without using the phone?

    Also, will google pay be supported on samsung watch?

  7. Thank you for the review. i think you were trying to say is ECG, or EKG, and It is supposed to measure the electricity generated by the heart, and not to detect a fall. The Apple watch has it, and the Galaxy Watch Active 2 as well. The Apple watch actually has a separate feature that uses the accelerometer and other sensors to detect a fall, and the Fossil Watch gen 5 has it as well.

  8. Out of several reviews, I have NOT found any review that discussed on email and calendar, in particular on MS Outlook on Galaxy watch active 2. It appears Galaxy watch could show Outlook email but there was no discussion Outlook calendar. Could you comment. A demonstration will be excellent. Thank you .

  9. Notifications management on the GWA2 is so awful !
    when you receive a notification and you look at your watch, the watch display for 2 seconds the app icon and name before displaying the details of the notification. So here, you lost 2 seconds for nothing, this is useless af as in the details of your notification you already have the app icon and name at the top. It's soooo boring.

    Then, to clear the notification, you must tap on the three dots on the mid right, then scroll to "clear notifications".

    And, after you have cleared the notification, it put you on notifications screen and not on your watchface home, so you need to swipe to go on your watchface homescreen, because if you don't, next time you raise your watch to see the time, it will show you notifications screen and not watchface homescreen.

    So much steps to just read and clear a notification…

    On Wear OS, when you raise your watch to read the notification, it shows you all details directly, and to clear it, just need to swipe from left to right, SO much easier !

    That's just why i have took the Gen 5 over the GWA2. Battery life is fine for me. I just use it to check my notifications, control music and Pay. From 8:00AM to 8PM, i always have above 50% left.

  10. just a technicality, but I think you mentioned a couple times the Fossil has 8 GB of ram. Its 8gb of storage. It only has 1 GB of ram. The Active 2 has .75 gig of Ram and 4gb of storage. The Active 2 LTE is going to have 1.5gb ram which is pretty amazing.
    Still not sure which one I'm going to buy. Black Friday sales might make the decision for me. I really want WearOS but I like you mentioned Google doesn't seem to be making it a priority. I believe if a Pixel watch comes out that will change.

  11. Hi. Thanx for comarition. Why your fossil looks so dirty? Is it covered with some kind of protektor glass?

  12. Can you check if yours has a light bleed where the screen meets the aluminum in the dark please ? Mine has this issue

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  14. The battery on Fossil Gen5 doesn't last as long as the active 2 but the charging speed is much faster almost 1 hour while Samsung takes about 3 hours!

  15. exactly, Google is not supportive enough with available apps wear os wide. I choose wear os because it's more resilient and hope it'll get better support soon. great review 👍

  16. Nice review…was debating between these 2 watches bt your mention of battery and phone calls tells me to remain with Samsung…Just hope it tracks steps better than the Gear s3 as it tracks badly throughout my watch but was great on battery.

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