The Galaxy A70’s position in Samsung’s smartphone lineup, is a bit confusing as it shares key internal specifications with the recently launched Galaxy A60. That aside, the it falls in a price bracket that is populated by previous-gen budget flagships as well as some appealing smartphones from the likes of Nokia, Vivo, and Oppo, which pose stiff competition. Can the Samsung Galaxy A70 hold its own? Here’s our review.

Samsung Galaxy A70 Quick Specs –
→ Display: 6.7-Inch FHD+ AMOLED Display
→ Processor: Snapdragon 675 SoC
→ RAM/ Storage: 6GB RAM + 128GB Storage (Expandable)
→ Rear Camera: 32MP + 8MP Wide-Angle + 5MP Ultra-Wide
→ Front Camera: 32MP
→ Battery: 4,500 mAh

Full Specs:

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23 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A70 Review | Worth the Price?

  1. I dont understand why this dude undemines the A70. A lot of reputable tech reviewers like Flossy, Lew and Dave Lee, plus some small time reviewers like Nick Ackerman and Jay Williams said that this phone will give you the S10/S10+ experience, of course minus some features like IP rating, dual speakers and wireless charge.

    And lets say that Xiaomi phone have flagship specs at a much lower cost. Lemme ask you something. How's Xiaomi's after market support? Is it as good as Samsung's? How about the UI? I hear all the time the Xiaomi phone go along with a whole bunch of bloatware and ads in the phone.

    I'm taking this phone over the Poco F1 and K20 Pro. Xiaomi is trying so hard to be Oneplus when Oneplus is waaaaaay better because of their software, Oxygen OS.

  2. after seeing this phone at Best Buy for the same price as my Google pixel 3a XL, kind of regret not getting this one. the screen is so much more beautiful, and has better specs overall.. ughhh but at the same time I still love my Google pixel because it's just Google and no other products baked inside.

  3. I'm going to buy this mobile for doing YouTube vlogs will it worth for camera and processer
    I'm just buying this for its Samsung
    Pls let me khow guys will be helpful

  4. NFC, Samsung pay, fingerprint reader to me are all non important issues, I'm not a millennial.
    I like this phone and may by it, the thing that I don't like is the 32mp camera idea, were they thinking big numbers is a selling point to its target audience, when in fact less pixels results in a better picture on the same sensor size.
    If they'd have used the same sensor with half as many pixels, the resulting image quality and lower light shooting would be improved.
    But I suppose if its main target is India where strong harsh light is the norm then I can partly see why they did this

  5. if the screen was higher res I would feel more tempted but at with that res it is still not enticing enough for me. The other "budget flagships" are also equipped with bad displays anyways. So I guess I would go with the Mi note

  6. I just bought it and honestly not very happy with it, I thought it would be a good replacement for my s7 edge, but the s7 edge still seems to be better , the screen is resolution is better, even the camera quality seems better even though it has less lenses, kind of disappointing.

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