Take your phone to the next level by using Samsung DeX. With the official Samsung DeX CABLE you can easily access DeX with only cable that will work with any HDMI input.

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33 thoughts on “Samsung DeX CABLE Review for Galaxy S10

  1. Is there a way to connect my Note 10+ to my touchscreen monitor (has no usb-c input) which has usb and hdmi inputs and be able to navigate DeX via the touchscreen monitor?

  2. future sure launch bluetooth samsung dex dongle. just to prevent the phone port from damage. as screening from phone to smart tv.

  3. I will have a “better experience” by buying this over priced cable from Samsung? I don’t get it.. you know the cable does nothing special, right? It’s just wires. Amazon has usb-c to hdmi for way less.

  4. Wow if this guy things using a Samsung branded cable will work better than a normal cheaper one then he's running the wrong kinda channel

  5. Got this in a bundle deal from Samsung. It's cool to use, but the cable is a bit short for my tastes (especially when using a TV). I guess I'm gonna need a Bluetooth Keyboard and mouse to make this really shine. (Or just buy one of the hubs)

  6. The only reason WQHD wouldnt work with your tv, is because your tv cant show in 4k. Otherwise, I'm not sure why it wouldnt work

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