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47 thoughts on “Samsung A70 “Real Review”

  1. My early thoughts so far. Model SM-A705W tested on Rogers network in Toronto, Canada. Phone immediately prompted to download a 732.68mb update. That took it up to Android Security Patch Level of October 1, 2019.

    Phone is running Android 9 with Samsung One UI version 1.1

    Got great signal strength and speed on wifi and LTE networks. Phone is snappy and responsive. Feels similar to Snapdragon 835 in casual, non-gaming use.

    Big, bright display. Incredible battery life.

    Finally quite pleased that it has a built-in FM radio that doesn't use any of your data. Great to have for emergencies. I used the NextRadio app to get it going.

  2. I want to switch to Android from iPhone XR, but the S11 ain’t gonna be mine or the S10. So ima try to get this to get used to Android first. Then after that runs outta updates ima hope to get a flagship.

  3. What the fuck how did you get a British plug, I'm stuck with a Canadian or American plug, can we swap lol, I have a 25 watt charger too

  4. Was thinking about the a50 just because it was cheaper but now looking at the a70??
    I'm sure it'll be an upgrade from the zte blade zmax

  5. Who needs wireless charging when you got a 25 watt fast charger I mean wireless charge takes a very long time

  6. Hey man, thanks for the video. Your video is the third I've watched so far today about the A70. All the reviewers covered different angles on the phone. Eventhough your video was the longest, it actually felt the shortest because you covered major key points about the phone. Eventhough your video helped to better understand the A70, I am still stuck between the A70 and the OnePlus 7 phone. Here is my question to you; if you had to choose between the two, which would you go with and if you can name 5 reasons why you would go with one over the other. Thanks Man! Take care!

  7. Hi friends,

    I would like to buy new mobile. I mention specifications here.

    8GB + 128GB
    GPU: Adreno-620
    6.4inch screen
    Amoled display
    4500mah battery
    Gorilla glass

    Kindly suggest me which brand is best to buy new mobile.

    Please reply !!!

  8. I watched this video before buying the a70 and now after. All I have to say is this phone is amazing, i would highly recommend it.

  9. I want that cute cat 🙂 lovely phone im seriously considering buying this phone this coming payday, just once before I die I want one phone with INSANE features 🙂

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