I switched from Mate 20 Pro to this little cutie! And yes my audio is fixed!

Full Specs :

Market Price (Based in Brunei)
Current Price : BND 800± / USD 590 ±
Secondhand Price : BND 550 ± / USD 400 ±

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source: https://thefirstworldwar.net/

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6 thoughts on “S10e Review – Small Size, Big Performance!

  1. Your variant is the SD855 or Exynos 9820?

    Also asking the real question: can you redeem the ikonik Skin from the Fortnite/Samsung Store?

  2. It's humid here in Alabama, and it's easy for my thumb to become sweaty quick. As time has went on, the fingerprint sensor has gotten better about accepting a sweaty thumbprint- almost fully functional. I love this phone.

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