From Episode 15. Raise Ji Hyo’s Heartbeat – Tony Ahn and Kim Kwang Kyu Running Man Ep 15 Link download: && Link watch online: . Running Man Hilarious .

The game this time is simple. The 9 guys ( 2 guests and 7 running man) need to raise Ji-Hyo’s heartbeat to 130 beats per min. This is when Song Joong Ki tries.

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12 thoughts on “Running Man ep. 15 Game: Raise Song Ji-Hyo Heartbeat!! Song Joong Ki Kiss Cut

  1. I really loves ji hyo and joong ki more monday couples! And why everyone follow joong ki,like when joong ki kiss ji hyo,then others follow..who say it truth like

  2. I am only here for the kiss part💋 I miss the original song song couple💑 …..BUT!….. its all in the past now. and I really really love kikyo couple💖💖

  3. actually Kwang Soo could make it higher with his unusual way if Jae Suk didn't cut it down. Well I always love KwangMong moment.

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