25 thoughts on “RUNNING MAN all funny moments part 1

  1. I miss the old RM, but I kind of got tired of the “angry” personality Ji Hyo has. Being angry isn’t really funny to me anymore. Like when I see her acting pissed now it isn’t entertaining. The members evolved as the show progressed, but Ji Hyo’s “character” seems stuck in the past.

  2. Fuck You running man you SUCK!!! You Block any New Videos?! How do you think we heard about you in the first place?!?! YOU DICKS!!

  3. Miss the old rm when the missions were more physical & active. Guess the members are getting old already. Hope jihyo will get more screentime as how she used to be . Love rm💖. My stresssss~reliever

  4. Anyone realise all the episodes were when Gary was around and/or old episodes? The current games are boring, too much intro and dancing.

  5. 7012 I really really miss it. They will make you laugh hilariously! They will make you cry, happy, excited and thrilled! Those episodes are gold! I miss Go Dong Wan PD!!!! It's not that the new ones are not good but it will not satisfy you as not much as the old ones. It was really sad. I miss the 'Ace Ji hyo','Monday Couple', 'YoomesBond', 'SpartaKook', 'Innocent and Peaceful Gary', 'Giraffe', 'Easy Brothers', 'Kid Haroro' and many moreeeee!!!!!! I am stuck on the old episodes and can't get over it! Everything has changed.

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