50 thoughts on “Ronto Roasters Review | Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge | Disneyland

  1. Ronto Wraps–a good way to get sick if you're sensitive to fatty foods and have lactose intolerance, like I do. I felt very ill after eating that, requiring me to go to First Aid for Immodium..

  2. Food in Star Wars Land is pretty good, Ronto Roasters, its like good street cart food. It's one of the few places I don't mind spending on "overpriced" food. Yes I could get a much bigger meal for $12 but this is the only exception I'll make where I didn't feel like I had to buy food because I had no choice. It was more because I actually wanted to try it.

  3. Does Steve, "where is the mac & cheese" EVER have his own opinions?
    The short fat guy hating on everything and complains about "tough" jerky, apparently he has never had jerky before…………..

    You go Craig set them guys straight!!

  4. That other guy wants even more sauce??? Wow. You can’t even listen to a guy who constantly wears 2 T-shirts all the time in Florida and Southern California. Questionable decision making skills I do believe.

  5. I love how much craig complained about there being coke products in batu yet is wearing a coke tshirt inside batu hahahaha

  6. The Ronto Wrap is okay. The sausage is very good – nice spicy flavor, the bread is fine, the slaw is good, but I think the sauce needs more of a punch for a me. The sauce is just a little too mild relative to the sausage.

  7. You guys are worried about sharing a bite of something with someone? Geeze. Stop whining and take a bite, theres nothing gross about it unless the other person has the worlds worst oral hygiene.

  8. Nobody:
    Dude on the left:
    Man with the light blue cap:
    Red shirt:
    Still ABSOLUTELY nobody:
    Guy on the right: this is definitely spicy

  9. My review of Galaxy's edge just by looking at the footage

    It fucking sucks especially for the price rather have a decent vacation somewhere else.

  10. I'm just going to go out on a limb here and assume that Galaxy's edge is not what you would call a foodie's Mecca… But the background noises playing throughout the video when you guys were over there by rise of the resistance were absolutely awesome

  11. Out of all the videos I’ve watched about Galaxys Is she it seems like the smugglers run is awesom and the scenery is awesome. Bu the rest is all overpriced merchandise and terrible food. Savi workshop looks awesome but pretty highly priced.

  12. Great review. Enjoyed all the Galaxies Edge coverage. Bottom line the team seemed to enjoy everything except Tom Bell who didn’t like anything. Looking forward to seeing the opening in the world! 👏🏼👏🏼

  13. Dis definitely did the best job getting everything reviewed and uploaded faster than everyone else did great job. No wonder Craig got sick. Kudos

  14. Again very expensive. Get it at the gas station. Hahahaha. Everyone said it was tough Jerkey. They dried it out too much.more slaw sauce hahahaha

  15. We were behind you in the millennium falcon ride saturday nigh at about 11:30pm. Should of said hi, but it was late and everyone was getting bitchy. Also watched craig and rhino get the light saber shots in front of the falcon. What a creeper! Should of said hi to you guys….

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