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40 thoughts on “ROG Phone 2 Tencent Edition Deep Dive: Better Buy Than Global Version

  1. Just bought the TenCent version of this phone! Hopefully i wont have much trouble getting play store framework to work. Wonder if there is root and twrp yet.

  2. I got this 💪🏾Work Horse of a phone last week and I'm thoroughly impressed not only with it's aesthetics but also its functionality … It already had Google play and no Chinese apps at all , my wife has the OnePlus 7pro and she was thoroughly impressed also with it's speed & flow in comparison to her phone. Great job on the video & info of this Hyper Car of a Smart Gaming Phone… 😎🙌🏾ROG2- ROCKS!!!💪🏾💪🏾

  3. I just bought asus rog 2 tencent edition. And it has pink screen issue. Half screen pink half screen white. But no stuck pixels please help me if someone found solution.

  4. hi ben, i just got the rog phone 2 but i encounter some prob with the audio recording, its very soft do anyone have similar experience?

  5. Hi, thanks for your good video. I want know do you have any problem with google play store installation? Or using google play service and google apps?

  6. Great review, one of the best I've seen for this phone. Could you tell us a little bit about durability? has by any chance this device taken a fall or a hard hit to the glass? because one of the main concern was the display/glass durability from reviews I've seen. Many complains are that the glass was extremely easy to shatter in the ROG Phone 1.

  7. Wait, isn't he Tencent Version supports bands specific for China? Won't that have any problems when you use it in other countries?

  8. May i knw can it use other custom launcher from google store?, eg nova launcher? I saw one youtuber said u cannot change launcher in tencent version, only can use the built in rog launcher..

  9. BEFORE: I dont think i need gaming phone just for games.
    AFTER: This phone proves me wrong

    BEFORE: I dont think we need 12GB of RAM
    A YEAR AFTER : Oh, Ok.

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