I’m a huge Ricoh GR2 fan. So the Ricoh GR3 really needed to deliver in order to get me to upgrade. It took a week or so to adjust to all the changes. Now I could not see myself without it. I keep it with me at all times.
Like all cameras it has its negatives and the question is, as always, if they outweigh the positives? For me they aren’t even close.

The video was recorded with:
Fuji X-E3,

Canon EOS-R,

Manfrotto Befree,



”Rain On The Parade”, Freedom Trail Studio
”Phife for Life”, Otis McDonald
”Outcast”, Myuu
”Old Vienna”, Endless Love

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43 thoughts on “Ricoh GR III Review – The Good, the Bad and the Awesome!

  1. Pocketable beast of a camera. The lens on this thing rivals the best 28mm lenses out there in sharpness.

    My favourite camera by a large margin. Love my GR III.

  2. One time ago, one person said to me online to get fixed lens pocket camera instead of full blown DSLR. I resisted the idea as I thought I wanna have the ability to change lens. But then after shooting more and more on the road, and had a little moment with a smaller MILC, I came to realize how fun it was shooting with small camera. I'm still clinging to my D300, used X-T1 for a short moment but then sold it back, I won't resist the idea of fixed lens pocket camera anymore. But the price, damn T_T

  3. Thanks for the great video! I have the GRii and I actually find it hard to capture sunsets with it. Is it much easier / better with the GRiii? Thanks a lot!

  4. how is this compared to the lx100 mkii? lx100mkii has a 24-70 equivalent zoom lens with F1.7-2.8 max aperture. at 28mm equivalent FL this lens the LX100 mkii is F2.0 which is equivalent to F4 DOF on Fullframe.

  5. Hello Mattias. I just want to gently remind you of your promise to upload the video about about your GRiii settings that youve mentioned in this video. No pressure. But we need it asap. Best regards. Lol

  6. I hear a lot of complaints about the ring around the base of the lens coming off easily. I guess if I have no plans to get the wide angle adapter I could just glue it on.

  7. Awesome job and review. Been eye-balling the GR series from the start but never bought one. Had a short love affair with the Fuji X-100s but sold it due to too unreliable AF (for me). Awesome camera by it self though so might have been a bad idea selling it. Using m43 very high end lenses, and bodies but even though the system is very small, even with high end stuff (24-600mm + body at less than 3kg) it's never a pocketable system (unless one goes for the very small and lower end m43 bodies). The GR, unlike the Fuji X100 seems truly pocketable, even in smaller pocket (thought not tight jeans perhaps) which leads me to the 12 minute part of your video, I think this is the true selling point here. It's with you all the time, like you said, some shots are too measly to even bother removing the lens hood on other cameras (or rather, I'm too lazy).
    I think you might have sold me on it, though I'm hard pressed between this and a super wide angle for m43 :-O

    Thanks for a great review!

    Vackra inspirerande bilder dessutom!


  8. In large part to your two review videos, I bought the GR3 for a recent trip and really enjoyed it. Thank you! I shot in Raw + JPG because I want to be able to use the picture modes and only if needed do more post processing. I haven't been able to figure out a way though to see the JPEGs in playback on the camera, it only shows me the Raw image. Is there a way to change which file is shown?

  9. One thing I've been asking myself quite some time: are the GR colors the same as Pentax colors like for example the KP colors? It would be cool if somebody has the answer.

  10. Question my friend. As a traveler and as amateur pothographer, I wonder if I should go for the iii, i have theGRii. I could be in a restaurant with my wife, low light, and I like the flash . Do you recommend the GRiii without the in-camera flash?

  11. I have found Capture One unusable with this camera. It uses the 'generic' lens profile with its grotesque barrel distortion and casts a green tinge on the image.

  12. Hey Mattias, wonderful video! How are you dealing/ignoring with the overheating? I find it gets hot to the touch after 30 minutes of use or less.

  13. Why oh why is this thing so expensive? £800! If they’d priced it around £500-£600 they’d sell a lot more. Great vid as always Mattias.

  14. hi Mattias! on GRII in M mode if +/- button is pressed the exposure is automatically adjusted to the correct exposure…. how can I do the same with GRIII? thank you for answering!!!

  15. GR mark II vs GR mark III please ( i don’t have any kind of camera though, im just a fan who’s watching your amazing photos and video)

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