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25 thoughts on “Review: Watercolour sable brush by PANART GLOBAL

  1. Great comparison but real sable brushes are extremely expensive especially Da Vinci brushes. Tons of the sable brushes are combination brushes only.

  2. I got a sample of this same brush (the round one). While I love the handle, my brush-head was actually even worse than yours when it came to splaying hairs and the tip splitting. Which was weird, because the quality of all their other brushes that I've tested is top notch. Compared to the Russian, German and Japanese sables I have this was definitely inferior. I just thought the sample I got was defective, and have been feeling a bit guilty for not notifying them.

  3. If I compare with your usual paint brush Nevskaya Palitra, you seems to have less difficulties to draw details because of the fine tip of this nice brush. I’m going to see if they have travelbrush too. Thank you Teoh !

  4. I think a brush marketed as one useful for both oil and watercolor, the brush handles are way small for oils. And the thick handle in the back will give an akward grip, when the end is bigger the big handle will be a nuisance to some hand gestures and maneuvers when painting… And the solid wood would be far heavy and tiring to hold. Some calligraphy brushes I've bought from japan that have bamboo straw handles are wonferfully light, it floats on water, and i feel no weight when holding it and working with it, and i wish the top end brushes could make them as light as possible. The best shape of brush handle i have known for is that from Da Vinci Artissimo, it's aesthetically pleasing to look at and in terms of functionality, it is excellent and also somewhat smaller than other handles, even compared to other handles which i really like.

  5. I love your videos SO MUCH❤️ i think your channel is the best art channel here on youtube!! It’s very inspiring, helpful and entertaining..

  6. Thanks for this review.
    The handle is a little like the ones on some Windsor and Newton sable brushes.
    I find those to be comfortable for me.
    I would like to know how/if you were able to fix the pointing problem.

    Did conditioning the brush, fix the problem of not returning to a point?
    Please let us know.

  7. Interesting! I have a really dumb question, not being an artist at all. Is there any rhyme or reason about what temperature the water should be when you're painting? Is there a difference in how watercolor paints behave in cold vs. warm/hot water? I've always wondered about this. @Teoh Yi Chie

  8. Nice wood, but disappointing. I’ve sable brushes inherited from my father that are now over 40 years old that still snap back to point.

  9. I think I would have to try that brush to see if I would like it. I've never seen a brush with a wooden handle that is narrow by the ferrule and widens as it gets to the end. It's an interesting idea; but, would it be comfortable in my hand?

  10. Thank you for the videos you create,they are so helpful and enjoyable! Do you have a video showing how to recondition brushes? I would like that!

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