7 thoughts on “Review: Star Wars Clipper Mail-Away Nien Nunb and 3rd Gen Polish Bootleg

  1. Idk if this is a video topic or a simple answer, you seem to send a lot to CAS…Now that AFA has updated their cases to match the display quality of CAS, how do you personally decide who to send your figures to to be cased and graded? Do you favor one or the other now?

    If this is already covered in a video please let me know and I’ll look for it

  2. I actually got my Nien Nunb from the Palitoy mail away offer in 1983, it was the Hong Kong COO, I compared it the Lili ledy figure sent to me….hmmmmm I wonder who sent it? A carded Toltoys Nien Nunb with the Nien Nunb offer on the card is a highly prized piece. In fact Toltoys is probably the toughest foreign vintage Star Wars to acquire. Clipper is pretty tough and not helped by the Toytoni scandal. I would love to get that book😎

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