16 thoughts on “Review of Schiit Audio Gungnir Multibit DAC with Gen 5 USB (Rev. B)

  1. I’m looking to upgrade my master9 to the HE9… would you be able to do a review of yours? There’s almost no reviews of the HE9 online

  2. Great review!! It this the analog 2 version?? Rev B equals A2 ???Im curious because people are saying A2 version sounds different than A1…

  3. I think the noise floor acts like noise canceling in headphones in that it cancels some of the higher frequencies in the source material by being out of phase with it part of the time.

  4. Who are you and what is your experience and training that is should be interested in your opinions about this product 🥴?

  5. Subscribed! You very clearly describe the differences between budget DACs and more expensive resolving ones like this Schiit. I knew exactly what you were talking about when saying it sounds like vinyl and that you can hear more details when your AC turned off. I believe that more resolving DACs bring forward some quieter parts of the music that normally hidden behind the loudest instruments in the recording. It’s easier to see this in some complex, multi-layered recordings, for example an orchestra playing classical music. Great DAC will allow you to easier follow the harmonies played by second violins. The difference is very subtle, and yes you might need to turn your AC off, but once heard you won’t be able to unhear it and you’d want to have that in your DAC.

  6. Enjoy your personal, vocab, normal language description. It's not a slick way of presenting but that's authentic and believable. How would you compare it with the Yggdrasil which I know you've heard? Also, I think the RME uses an AKM chip with the so called "Velvet sound". IS this correct and if so doesn't that make the Gungnir sound really soft focus in comparison. Kinda like 1080p vs 4K?
    Please do the RME room correction guide, it is it's very unique proposition vs most other DAC's.

  7. So it adds distortion to produce a particular sound?
    I'm not into that but I see it's potential for vinyl purists. 👍

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