In this review, I take a look at the 13th main entry in the Call of Duty series, which had one of the most disliked announcement trailers in YouTube history.

ESRB Rating: Mature (17+) – Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes

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44 thoughts on “Review – Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

  1. This game is the prime example of negative bias. The game is nowhere near as bad as people made it ot to be, the csmpaign was pretty good

  2. I just played this game for the first time seven or so months ago and I was VERY surprised by how much I ended up enjoying it. If anyone is interested, I also wrote a short review of it.

  3. I wouldn’t say a 2.5/5 for the game, but it’s not perfect. Sure the multiplayer is a little crappy version of Black Ops III, but Treyarch actually assisted Infinity Ward develop Infinite Warfare. So Infinite Warfare is sort of a Treyarch game. I like the maps, but it’s not as memorable as Cod4, Black Ops 1, MW2, or even World At War. Although I bet you agree that is a heck a lot better than WWII. The Micro-Transactions System is better than Black Ops III. The weapons it’s okay but I agree with the hole Modern Warfare Guns. The NV4 which is a space M4, the DMR-1 which is the Space M1 Garand. Speaking of it, yep, the original WWII M1 Garand is in the game. Which is weird. Now this is not the first time Infinity Ward add a WWII weapon in a different setting. The STG-44 from COD4 for example, and they’re doing it again with the MG34 in the upcoming Modern Warfare (2019) game. I’ll say it’s a 3/5, because the campaign was great, and the multiplayer was alright, even though it’s a little crappy version of Black Ops III, with some parts from Titanfall. That’s my opinion. I have played all the main title Call of Duty games, except for Call of Duty 1, which I might pick it up for PS3. I don’t think it deserves the amount of dislikes. There’s way worse Call of Duty games then this one. Finest Hour, Big Red One, Call of Duty 3, Final Fronts, Ghosts, Advance Warfare, WWII, and of course Black Ops 4. Advance Warfare may have a good campaign, but to me, it’s not as good as Infinite Warfare.

  4. Glad to see that i'm not the only one that thinks that Infinite Warfare was a great game. Even i made a review last year praising its awesome campaign. If you know some spanish, you could take a look! Keep it up with your great reviews, man!

  5. It looks very nice but i just uninstalled at some point without finishing(1pl)…dont even remember why.I think to play Brutal Doom again,which is much better in every single way.

  6. I think Infinite Warfare is pretty underrated. While it's not my favorite CoD title (that would be a tie between Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3), it does have its moments. Which says a lot given how underwhelming WWII turned out to be a year later.

  7. I really must be the only one who doesn't like the oh-so-amazing "space opera" campaign. I didn't like the space combat (in or out of ships). The dogfighting is very automated and kills feel cheap and unearned. Spinning in space and shooting floating dudes just makes my head hurt thinking about it.

    I love exploring the cool planets, I'll give you that. That's probably the only thing I really like. Even the characters in single player dont speak to me as much as everyone else gushes about. You being a captain is cool I guess but it's the same problem DWT has mentioned before – you're the action hero with thick plot armor and lots of hunnies remarking on how awesome you are almost every 3 minutes. I just wanna be another regular soldier goddammit. You know like how the original cod did it?

    The other characters are forgettable besides Reyes for *male gaymer reasons*. And the robot cuz he's kinda funny? Emphasis on kinda. Then of course the enemy is completely laughable making the whole conflict feel artificial and contrived.

    Black ops 1 was ridiculous but more believable than this outlandish tale. There was just no direction or ark to the narrative. It's like the peak is the attack on Earth 30 min in and the rest of the story decrescendos for hours just doing mission after mission of attacking random outposts to weaken the enemy with (say it with me now) a small elite strike force instead of the full scale invasion a conflict like this would probably entail . I could go on but this is already a 20 min essay no one will read so 😅

  8. Well, if the UNSC in Halo use 7.62 NATO, than what other rounds could they use? I mean we are still using the Wheel, which is the oldest invention in mankind. Hell, we’re still using 9x19mm Parabellum a very old round.

  9. i started to laugh when you mention 20 dollars for the game, i payed 20 dollars for the legacy edition of infinite warfare back in fall 2017

  10. i was really surprised that this had the best singleplayer campaign since bo 1 / mw 3 era, too. With the exception of ghosts maybe, every cod between mw 3 and iw had horribly boring singleplayer.

  11. 10:10

    That's kinda the entire point of the story. Reyes gets scolded by one of his own teammates for not being willing to sacrifice his men to get the job done because hesitation doesn't get the job done (he himself says you shouldn't do so in the first cut scene with him) and because the marines "knew what they signed up for". In the last mission he basically stops giving a fuck and does shit like tell a pilot to literally kamikaze himself into an AA turret, tell an entire group of men to die protecting an elevator and even has himself killed after ordering Salter to fire on his position. The whole moral is that Reyes had to learn how to basically send his men to death to get the job done, and when he finally does it after being scolded by the enemy alongside his own friends, he wins the war. Hell, Reyes literally only became a captain in the first place after the original captain kamikazed the Retribution into the Olympus Mons, being willing to sacrifice himself and the entire crew on it. I don't know why Infinity Ward wants the push that message, but it is what it is.

  12. I just picked this one up recently. You're right. Good campaign, zombies again with very slight changes (though the arcade stuff was an interesting touch), and basically crappier Black Ops 3 multiplayer. That said, I got it for 8 dollars used for Xbox. The MP is still alive and well on Xbox, though

  13. I couldn’t agree more. This games single player is really strong compared to the rest of it. Really hoping that the modern warfare 2019 campaign is even better.

  14. Now we need CoD: WaW: Final Fronts for the PS2 review. DW, if you can't record a PS2, feel free to use gameplay footage of it.

  15. Something that didn’t help Infinite Warfare’s reception was the fact that Activision announced the Modern Warfare Remaster at the same time but claimed it could only be accessed if you bought the $80 version of IW and they claimed they’d never sell modern warfare remastered separately from IW. So regardless of the actual quality of infinite warfare, a lot of people wrote the game off or didn’t buy it due to mwr being bundled only at the time.

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